Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favorites {No. 7}

This week's pictures are fewer than usual,
simply because my week has been crazy and
 my camera hasn't gotten as much use recently.
Still, I hope ya'll enjoy these pics from my week!

My very favorite mug...
a sweet gift from my new parents.

A page from my journal...
a beautiful prayer I copied.

My wonderful sister, Jessie.
She had a sleepover with Andrew and me last night and is
staying over till tomorrow.
We went out for breakfast together and I took a couple pictures
on our way home.

She's sporting her new leather jacket, a belated birthday present from
Andrew and me.
She's been wanting one for a while...
it suits her SO well!!!

I love her big smile!

A self-portrait of me with the adorable little boy I watch
several times a week.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

God bless!


Josie said...

Sometimes you don't need a lot of pictures. :) Great post, Rachel. I miss you and Jessie!

Leah Nicolette said...

That little baby boy is just too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Love when sisters get time together...we're overdue in seeing you and Andrew...I feel a bonfire in the works!!! I love you!