Wednesday, September 26, 2012


... Pumpkin Spice Latte, how you charmed my palette yesterday evening after thrift and craft shopping.  You warmed me from my lips to the very ends of my toes, reminding me why autumn is my favorite season.

... Perm, I'm really liking you.  You feel very natural... more me.  You tell me that I am, indeed, the daughter of an 80's gal... and make me proud of it.
... Mascara and Eye-Shadow, haven't been seeing much of you lately.  No offense, but you really haven't been that practical in my day to day life recently.  I'll see you Thursday, okay?

... Roses from Andrew, you are SO beautiful.  Your shades of light pinks and your sweet scent are so comforting whenever I pass you on my way to the kitchen.  Taking the quick moment to bend and smell is such a simple pleasure, yet it makes me smile knowing that you are a gift of love... simply for the sake of love, nothing else.
... Andrew, thank you for your love.  Thank you for showing me day after day, without the help of flowers, how much you love me.  I adore your hugs and kisses, the way you make me laugh, the way you snuggle up and fall asleep, the way you cook supper sometimes, and just the way you look at me.
I love you!

... Chocolates sitting in the dining room, I'm really trying not to devour you too quickly.  I want you to last... but you are testing my self-control.  I think I need to eat another one of you...
... Date with Mom on Friday, I need you so badly!  I'm looking forward to you so much!  You've been talked about, thought over, and delayed... you must happen now!  Please don't let any crazy stuff get in the way of happening, okay?  Okay.

... Apollos, oh... you're such a doll!  Thank you for being such a good boy yesterday!  Please continue to be your sweet little self the rest of the week.  You are WAY too easy and are spoiling me, but I really don't mind!  Please remember that!
... Daddy's back, more specifically, his slipped disk, will you cut it out?!  You are causing a wonderful man a lot of pain.  Please respond to the therapy and get back to the way you are supposed to be!  This man has six kids at home and a wife who all need him, not to mention a daughter and son-in-law who like seeing him healthy, plus a job in ministry and a secular job.  Taking all of that into consideration, I hope you will make an effort to get better quickly.
... Fish in the tank, I'm so proud of myself for not becoming too emotionally attached to you yet.  AND for not talking to you too often.  You are quite entertaining and its been a pleasure having you in our home so far.

... Music video my sister shared with me, you are amazingly awesome!  You include my favorite song from "Mulan" and completely capture the character of Aragorn from "Lord of the Rings".  You made me nod in agreement, sigh at Aragorn's coolness, and laugh outloud!  You made my husband say, "Wouldn't it be awesome to BE this actor and find this music video made about this character?!  Wouldn't you feel so incredibly manly???!"
... Laughter in my home, please never leave.  You are so important.

... Jessie-girl, our time last week was so much fun.  Thank you for hanging out with me, walking down to Cracker Barrel for a yummy brunch with tons of carbs, taking outfit pics, watching movies till all hours of the night, putting up with me running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes after we drank that large amount of coffee, and being your amazing self.  Love you!
... Leather jacket and purple scarf, you kept us warm.  Thank you!  In return, we made you look really cute!  You're welcome.

... New Hairclip, you make me smile.  I'm so glad I spotted you while I was browsing Hobby Lobby shelves.  You are one of those simple pleasures.
... Pierced ears, you haven't been hurting as much the last couple of days and I am so grateful!  We made it just fine through the first six weeks, but you didn't seem to like switching to new earrings.  I'm so thankful that you are starting, maybe, to cooperate.

... Blog Survey, I hope my followers will fill you out
  You are so quick and simple and will be of great help to me.  Thanks for not being too complicated to create. 

...Lovely people who come here, read, and comment, thank you so much for your encouragement and support.  You are always such a pleasure to hear from! 
God bless!



Nela said...

Oooo I really want to try Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte soooo bad this Fall. I'm not even sure why, but I've heard it's really good. :D

Love the music video, btw!

Josie said...

A Pumpkin Spice Latte sounds fantastic. Fall is wonderful, isn't it? :) I loved this post. It's so you, girl and it made me smile.

Annie said...

Rachel, I just love your blog. *happy sigh* And I don't comment nearly as often as I should... my apologies. I will try to do better, but please know that your example has been such a blessing to me! I really enjoy seeing pictures and hearing about your newly-wed life. ;)

In His Love,

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post!! Bring on Friday!!!! Can't wait!!! LONG overdue!!!!

donnalyn said...

SO glad I stumbled into your blog! :)