Monday, November 8, 2010

The Day After Sunday...

So fresh
So new
So strong
So true:


Incredible, isn't it?

How alive the Truth is,
How every word jumps off the page

Tragic, isn't it?

How bored the soul is,
How everyday life dulls the senses

One of my determinations is to not let this become my life.  Today is the day: the day after Sunday.  I thank God for His amazing love, power, grace, mercy, and truth.  There were moments of frustration today, times when I know I wasn't living like a child of the Creator.  I've failed today, several times.  There were moments of joy today, laughter and happiness knowing I've been given the honor of knowing God!  I've won today, only because of Him.

What a day: the day after Sunday.  How was yours?

1 comment:

macie1 said...

yes rachel sun. was awsome I think Pastor was at my house spying on me he sure drove the message right to my heart isn't GOD wonderful he sends just the right message through just the right messanger at just the right time. thank you for being God;s precious testimony in this world . We have won the victory through JESUS. because of him Dee Dee