Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankfulness... Looking back at this week


These past couple days have been a whirlwind of happenings, leaving me with hardly any time to check my email, let alone update my blogs! I'm sitting in the kitchen at the little breakfast table/nook listening to my sister name off movies she'd like to watch tonight and half-watching my dad as he drains the turkey frame for our turkey-frame soup that we'll be able to enjoy on Sunday!

So, a recap of the three week-days before Thanksgiving: (warning, this will be a log-ish post, but fun since I have pictures to go with Wednesday!)

Monday:  I was busy teaching my five piano students and fighting a headache (I really am beginning to think that weather effects me...).  What am I thankful for?  Music (piano especially), ibuprofen, warm sweaters to match the chilly weather, and hot tea.

Tuesday:  I went with my dad to the senior center to fellowship with some wonderful elderly people that I've spent time with previously.  Dad preached and then we drove to the post office, bank, and also to a little store here in out little town where we had a "father-daughter" date and sipped rootbeer floats (which the ladies made specially for us!!!).  What am I thankful for?  My dad, elderly people who have so little of their own but so much joy, rootbeer floats, and the lovely people who work at the bank (at least two of them go to my church!).

Wednesday:  CRAZY!  Here's where the pics begin!

So, we started with an early morning and hopping into the car.

We took a two-hour drive back to where we lived ten months ago.

Dad had a business meeting to go to nearby, so mom took over driving for the shopping part!

Almost four hours driving around and still smiling!

Ohhh... good food! We stopped as a family to eat at one of our old favorites!

Cute kids are still smiling!

Danny, being the big boy and driving!
Good thing the engine wasn't running!

Okay, been in the van a little too long at this point!

Far too long.

Bekah still manages to look adorable!

Finally, another chance to get out of the car!
After shopping a bit at Goodwill, we stopped by Big R to get warm outer-gear for Jess and Nat.

Yeah, this one was a bit big. An XL looks huge on Natalie's slight form!

Antique shopping!!! How loverly!

Nice, soft, old sofas to take a little break in (as if we hadn't been sitting enough!).

Beautiful surroundings at this lovely shop.  I really miss it!
So, we met up with dad there and went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Then, to top off the evening, we went back to our old church.
Dad led the Thanksgiving Service and taught after mom, my sisters, and me sang a special.

Love my dad!!!

So, then we drove home later that night and were so tired that we left everything out in the van overnight and just went to bed (and we NEVER leave our stuff out in the car!).

So, what am I thankful for?

Our ten-passenger van.
Talking with my mom on long drives.
French fries dipped in cole slaw! YUM!
Goodwill finds!
Thermal socks.
Big R.
Friends from way back.
Friends from not so way back.
Antique stores!
El Arriaro and Chicken Taco Salads!
Cheese Sauce, Salsa, and Chips... even better!
Talking to people.

Check back soon to find out how my Thanksgiving went!

God bless!


Patrizia said...

Hi Rachel! Love the photos! I thought I was following you all this time. Im learning slowly. :sheesh:

Anyway, looking forward to following & getting to know you better :D

Many blessings your way!

Rejoicing In Him, Patrizia

Jessica said...

Oh, oh! Now that antique shop looks so very familiar!! :D As do some of the other places!

Looks like you all had lots of fun!



p.s. I love the crazy pictures, girls!

Miss Eyebright said...

Haha! Ditto to the Goodwill finds and thermal socks!

What kind of business do you have? I'm having a hard time actually making any money at this, because I haven't found something that is my own original design that I would want to make over and over again.

Anyway, I'm glad you had a happy Thanksgiving!