Wednesday, July 26, 2017

little house on the alley... master bedroom

Yes... that is Rennie putting on her shoes behind the dresser.  Such is taking pictures with a toddler in the house.  <3

I love this little bedroom.  It is a somewhat small space, so I've kept the decor simple and really love how relaxed I feel spending time here!  We have a big, lovely window above our king size bed (yep, our king fit with some room to spare!), peaceful light gray walls, and our closet doors are mirrors so as to add extra light (hopefully pictures of them don't confuse anyone on where pieces of furniture are since, you know, mirrors make things backwards)! 

We brought this dresser with us from Utah.  It is a bit worn, but works perfectly for holding Andrew's odds and ends (flash light, knife, arm braces for after long days at work, and his collection of "back up" pens) in the top drawer and some clothes in the bottom four (yes, he needs more dresses space than I do, teehee).  

My dad gave me the hanging jewelry box years ago and I never used it till now!  Honestly, I used to have too much jewelry for it, but since downsizing to only the jewelry I actually use and love (which ended up being probably only 5%, not kidding, of what I owned) it works perfectly!  The picture part used to have a collage in it that didn't quite suite the room, so I just designed and printed a "hello love" background (something I say multiple times daily to greet both Andrew and Rennie) and it now fits wonderfully in our sweet, romantic space.

*this picture is mirrored since I am facing the closet!!!*

Our closet is opposite the bed and beautifully reflects the window.  Couldn't ask for a more perfect setup with this!  It is the smallest amount of closet space we've ever had, but all of our (Andrew's, Rennie's, and my) hanging clothes fit perfectly inside.  I can't stress enough the beauty of owning less!  No anxiety or pushing/shoving to make everything fit, just determining what we actually use and need (and keeping some extras since it does save you money to not be constantly replacing things), then discarding/shopping accordingly.

On the left edge of the above picture you can see the frame of the closet (hopefully that gives perspective).  This beautiful armoire (courtesy of craigslist!) is across the room from the dresser and holds a tiny bit of Andrew's stuff (pjs and the like) and all of Rennie's and my folded clothes.  It works perfectly and what a gorgeous statement it makes!

The white basket holds diapers and wipes, the trunk more of Andrew's belongings, and the brown satchel is my camera bag (which my mom found for me at an antique store!).

more added light and "space" with another mirror... and yes, that's a diaper bin, just keeping it real!

We finally bought a bed frame, which sits extra high (hello, storage space!) and doesn't require box springs.  Being able to see under the bed should feel like a big pain, but we keep it tidy and I like how it keeps the room feeling open.

Unlike our living space, the bedroom has low ceilings (about 8 feet) so as to make enough space directly above for the loft.  Though that doesn't bother me, it does mean our window sits pretty close to the ceiling.  I really didn't want any of the light to be blocked or space crowded by curtains, so I opted for greenery and romantic twinkle lights as a window dressing.  Andrew and Rennie both love them!  *score!*  Our blinds are cordless, making them safe for a bedroom shared with a toddler.  <3  

And did I mention there are a total of seven recessed lights in the ceiling so that our bedroom never feels dim?!

just love this space!!!

there's my sweet Ren playing with shoes again!

At nighttime, it's just a perfect little glowing abode for snuggling and slumbering.  <3

Hope you are enjoying these glimpses into our home.  Only one room to go!  Loft tour coming soon!


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Megan said...

What a pretty room! I love the colors and especially the lighting, you've done a great job decorating it. Can't wait to see the last room!