Tuesday, August 1, 2017

mamabird life {sixteen}

Well, hello August.  We haven't seen each other in a while.  I wasn't expecting you so soon.  You bring much-awaited fun, including a week-long family vacation and my daughter's second birthday.  Hopefully you won't be too overly warm.

Goodbye June/July (because you two completely ran together and I can't keep up!).  We had a good run this year.  You had some hot days but made beautifully breezy and cool apologies on others.  You held beautiful moments.  You were full of good mamabird life.


Much time spent outside.  On swings, at parks, down slides, with strollers.  It's been wonderful.

Many stained toddler clothes.  Rennie's growing might have slowed down quite a bit, but she's still going through clothes like crazy!

Coffee and smoothies!  Our local cafe/store has been a lovely place to visit every so often.  PLUS a locally owned coffee shop in the city where we buy our groceries has recently opened and become a new favorite.

So many rainy days.  My kind of happy.  Except when they make me a bit too sleepy.

Humidity curls.  Something Rennie has inherited from me along with her eye color and stubborn nature.

Auntie Manda time.  Andrew's sister was able to spend a few days with us early this summer and Rennie fell completely in love with her (and now asks for her every time we Skype with her Oma and Opa).  It was so adorable watching them bond!

Trips to Wisconsin and family visits.  I've been able to travel to see my sister and brother-in-love twice so far this summer.  Getting to see their first home together and some of their favorite stores was such fun!  They've also been here several times and Rennie is quite fond of "Jessie and Jetpack" (she can't quite master "Jacob" yet and has given him a new name!).

Dress up!  One of my favorite things to do as a child was play dress up and Rennie seems to love it every bit as much so far.

Tire swings.  "Outside wheeeee!" is a common request.

Bible studies.  Andrew and Rennie hang out at home on Wednesday nights so I can go to our church's study that night.  It has been such a wonderful thing to be able to sit under teaching without any distractions.

Scones.  Nuff said.

Daisy chains and hammocks.  They are the things of summer.

Table and benches Andrew recently built for our friends!

Bubbles.  Another favorite of ours!

Snuggles and tv.  Because real life on hot summer days sometimes means being lazy and chilling inside.  ;-)

Thankfulness amidst aches and wishes and struggles.  Because life is good when God has showered you with His love.  I'm not always good at remembering, but He is patient.

What have June and July been for you?


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