Monday, August 7, 2017

little house on the alley... loft

I can't possibly choose a favorite room in my house.  But if there is one in particular that makes a grin spread across my face, its our loft-style bedroom.  I love the original gabled ceilings, the big window, the cozy feel.  I chose the same airy cream paint from the living room for the walls, but included warmer colors for the decor to compliment the small, but so-very-sweet space.

We are currently using this room for guests, music, books, crafts... so its a studio of sorts.  Inside are some neat pieces of vintage furniture passed down through my dad's family.  This *amazing* desk belonged to my great-great-grandfather.

On my window sill are my extended addition Lord of the Rings DVDs, the special carving where Andrew hid my engagement ring for months without my knowledge, a special rock from my baby shower for Rennie, AND the recent addition of this mini-portrait (on a mini easel!) by my amazing artist friend, Lauren.  Isn't it perfection?

The ceilings are about six feet at their tallest, which will make for such a sweet room for Rennie and any other future kiddoes the Lord gives us.  Don't ask me what I'll do with all of my wonderful loft-things when she's ready to move in.  :-)  Since these pictures where taken, we also added a small keyboard along the wall on the left (it fits so perfectly and the space *still* doesn't feel crowded!) along with the barrel stools Andrew made (you can spot one of them a few times in this post) for it and the desk. Since I am now playing piano weekly at church, I was missing having the ability to play/practice at home and it is wonderful to be filling the house with music again.

anyone remember this hamper i made for rennie's nursery two years ago???

My favorite (I say hesitantly... can I choose a favorite?) drawing/painting of Breezy Brookshire's is "The Reader".  I love how perfectly it fits into this room!

A little shelf holds *some* of my books (most of the others are on the shelf in the closet).  Custom doors would have been needed because of the unusual height of the closet, so I decided curtains would suffice... and really love how they turned out!

This room seemed the ideal place for the canvas painting my mom and I created while I was pregnant.  And stacked on the wood box hiding the air vent (teehee) are a prayer quilt from my dad and mom-in-love's church made for us and a blanket my mom made for me when I was little.  <3

A dresser passed down from my great-great-grandmother holds all of my craft supplies with room to spare (serious purging of my collection happened while moving!).  I decorated very simply with a clock, my wedding bouquet, and a little postcard picture tucked into the mirror (which makes me think of Rennie when she's older and I love it!!!).

This book holder was built for Rennie by her great-grandfather and holds these vintage poetry books so beautifully.

So far we've had three guests in our loft!  It was such fun and we can't wait to add more people to the list.

This wraps up the house tour!  We are so thankful for the lovely place.  Life is full here and I am being spoiled by how easy a smaller space is to maintenance.  All problems aren't solved by a peaceful, beautiful home... but it does help to clear the mind and make you take a deep breath on those hard days. We are definitely finding that less is more (house space, clothes, kitchen supplies, toys, pressure, distractions...).

What room in your home makes you feel peaceful or happy?  Is there a certain style you love?  I classify my home (and lifestyle) as "minimal-ish hygge" (if you aren't familiar with that word, definitely find out more about it!).

Have a lovely week, my friends!  

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