Wednesday, July 5, 2017

little house on the alley... living space

from the loft doorway looking down

I think it is high time I introduce you all to our amazing new home.  <3 We have been living here a few months now and I continue to fall more and more in love with our little abode.

These pictures are of the combined living/kitchen/dining/office space that makes up the bulk of our home!  I will share more pictures of the bedrooms/laundry/bathroom spaces in a future post.

front door featuring Rennie's shoe basket

view from the laundry room door... almost done decorating, just the big wall above the couch left!  and if you look to the right of the windows, you can see where our tv is mounted up and out of the way (it rotates out on an arm for easy viewing!)

custom baby gate Andrew built!

edison light fixture by stairway!

tea tin (which i actually use for tea!) found at a local antique store

coffee station!

kitchen/dining from living room

gorgeous large sink with industrial faucet!

kitchen windowsill pretties!

kitchen/dining looking toward back door, office, and downstairs bedroom and, by the way, Andrew built this incredible farmhouse table for me!!!  he is beyond amazing!

recently added mirror by bedroom door (not hung yet in previous picture)

office shelves

soon-to-be decorated office nook viewed from back doorway

happy space!

Here are some logistics for anyone curious:  our new pole-barn-renovated home is at just about 1,000 square feet (smaller than our last few dwellings, but so open that it feels enormous!), has two bedrooms (one down and one loft-style above), one bathroom, a laundry room, and lovely windows with deep sills (the last point being by far the most important)!   We are renting this sweet space from my parents and live with our back doors in sight of each other.  <3  My folks were AMAZING enough to let us help design this place, along with permitting me to choose the paint colors, flooring, counter tops, and pretty much every finish you see!  How incredible are they?!  We plan to live here for the next few years with the goal of saving to buy/build our own house.  There is no rush, as Andrew and I both love the size and design of this place (plus the proximity to family!) AND my family kinda likes us living here.  :-D 

Many more pictures of us enjoying life here to come...  



Megan said...

Your little house is so cute and I love the way that you have decorated it! I'm so glad that you are able to live close to family, it is hard being away for so long. Keep up the good work, I'm always looking forward to what you will post next!

Adrienne Lehman said...

Small spaces can be great! And a reminder that what we really need to make us happy is the one(s) we love to share it with :) It's super cute too! Love the openness and also the cozy way you've decorated!