Wednesday, June 28, 2017

renniebird... 22 months {instagram}

Oh, my sweet little whimsy-girl is only two months away from her second birthday.  Hardly feels real...  She is such a bundle of personality, opinions, curiosity, and much stubbornness.  Her favorite things are playing outside (especially on swings!), eating whatever I'm eating, washing her hands and brushing her teeth, playing dress-up (or wearing nothing but a diaper), singing to herself, reading books, tending to her baby doll, nursing still occasionally, spying on bunnies through our bedroom window, and watching Signing Time.  She continues to grow Andrew and me as parents, sometimes joyously and sometimes as through fire.  ;-)  We are so thankful for her!!!  Love you, Renniebird!

And happy birthday to my mom!!!!  You are such an amazing mama and mimi!!!  We all love you so much!!!


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