Wednesday, July 19, 2017

little house on the alley... laundry and bath

The house tour continues!  These two tiniest spaces in our home are every bit as cheery to me as our open living room.  I opted for a pale blue paint color in both and I looooooooove how it turned out!  All fixtures and large furnishings are white to keep the rooms bright and airy.  Decor is *very* simple to keep from crowding surfaces.  And, of course, the window in the laundry room is bedecked with live plants to complete the space.
For flooring we decided to contrast the light-and-bright of decor and walls with a dark gray "tile" floor.  It transitions beautifully from the rich brown of the flooring in the kitchen/living room.

Andrew built shelves over the doors to store our paper towels and toilet paper.  It works perfectly since we buy most of our paper products in bulk.

Andrew also built a custom cabinet for this space.  It holds our linens, towels, cleaners, and his work clothes (they have to be cleaned so often it makes sense to have them near the washing machine).  ;-)

Can I just take a sec to say how awesome it is to have a hubby who can build so many handy things???  He is pretty fantastic!

The laundry room leads into our bathroom.  Is it weird to love your bathroom?  I think not!  The way this room came together keep me wondering if it really is *that* small of a bathroom.  Feels perfect to me.  <3  The only thing still to do with this space is install towel hooks by the shower (opposite the toilet).  For now our towels hang on the back of the door and we just move them closer when needing to use the shower.  :-D

yes, we are prepping for potty training, hence the stool for the toilet!

I fell in love with this vanity set in the store and was so excited to see the price was within our budget.  The counter top went perfectly with the other colors and it holds a nice amount for a small space!  I keep the counter as clear as possible (most of the time!), leaving out only the soap dispenser and cotton ball/q-tip jar.  On top of our beautiful shelf/mirror unit I draped one small piece of greenery, a bunny figure, and two glass bottles (the one on the left holds seashells gathered on our honeymoon!).

*happy sigh*  Can you tell I enjoy our home?  We are so thankful for this beautiful place!!!


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