Monday, July 10, 2017

mamabird life {fifteen}

It is almost mid-way through the last full month that I am the mommy of a one-year-old.  This second year with my sweet girl has gone faster than the first... maybe because I'm getting a bit more sleep now (still not full nights, but we'll get there).  I'm trying to lock away those memories that aren't being captured on camera... there are so many and I just want to hold onto them.  This motherhood thing ain't easy.  I've been pushed to my limits (and even beyond them to new limits some days).  My daughter is a strong-willed little person who doesn't respond to instruction so well... Reminds me of her parents a bit.  But this journey is also one I would never surrender for an easier me-centered existence.  Sure it would be nice to take a looooooong hot shower every day, but who needs clean hair?

So, here's some snippets of my mamabird life along with some of my favorite recent pictures... I will spare you the ones featuring my unwashed hair.  ;-)

Mamabird life is:

~ Bath time in our kitchen sink!  I have always wanted a sink large enough to bathe children and our new one is perfect for such occasions.

~ Running out of snacks.  We are working on nursing a little less often (mostly just naps and nights now) so Rennie is eating a bunch more!  Her favorite snack by faaaaaaaar is cherry tomatoes, which she has dubbed "babies" after I accidentally called them "baby tomatoes" one day.

~  Being reminded to "pay" (pray) before each meal.  Rennie loves holding our hands and praying before eating.  She gets mad if we forget.  Love her!

~  Hearing "Oh my doodness!" (oh my goodness), "Wash hands?", "Mama, watch pease!" (mama, watch please), "Mommy... mommy... MOMMY!", "NOOOOOOOOOOO!", "Nurse the baby?", "Daddy home?", and "Pay outdide wee?!" (play outside on the swing... hence the "wee!") multiple times a day.  Some of them so much that I lose count.  She is talking so much!

getting daddy ready for church

~ Learning to let Rennie help with things.  It may slow me down, but she LOVES helping me push the vacuum (when it's turned off), choose clothes, switch laundry loads, carry hampers, and watch me do dishes (recently she's liked having her hand on the scrubbie with mine while washing).

~  Seeking balance.  I am a one-extreme-or-the-other type sometimes and can burn out easily.  I'm growing and trying to find balance in all facets of our lives.  Downtime, playtime, food, projects, entertainment, clothes, even how perfect/imperfect my home looks at any given moment... This can be hard, but I love learning and growing and the peace a "healthy middle" can bring.

~ Being spontaneous.  As I've shared before, I'm not naturally a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants person.  But recently I've been antsy, so I'm more open to the crazy my mom life brings.  Recently that has meant day-trips to Wisconsin (6-7 hours in the car for 3 hours of visiting) to see my sister and her hubby, last-minute drives to see fireworks (we were SO glad we did; Rennie was so excited!), random shopping trips and dinner guests... And, honestly, it has all been so good.

~ Big talks... tears... prayers... not knowing but still hoping...

~  Thankfulness for family.  It has been so fun enjoying TONS of birthdays and now some holidays with my parents and siblings.  It isn't all bliss... we are humans with our own sets of issues, but we have a deep-set bond that always brings us back to a place of love.  I know how rare this is and can't help but be grateful.

~  Almost-weekly date nights.  Andrew and I continue to enjoy some much-needed hubby/wife time pretty much every week.  With his demanding job and the responsibilities of parenting, it helps so much to have time just the two of us to reconnect.  I seriously want to encourage all couples to do this!  We don't always go out for dinner or a movie... sometimes we drop Rennie off at my parents' house and just stay home for a couple hours alone.  We talk, cook dinner together, sometimes watch a movie... it is so good!

~  Making my own cleaners and some hair/body care items.  This is something I've experimented with for years now, but only recently found some simple solutions that I think I will continue to use.  Mostly involves castile soap and coconut oil...  Easy is the best!

~  Trying to take each day at a time... Relying on God's mercy for each moment... Attempting to breathe in the joy of each moment and exhale grace... Bumbling through it imperfectly... And then starting again the next morning.  Life is hard and never picture-perfect.  But it is a gift.  A beautiful one.


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