Friday, December 2, 2016

cardigan-love and life-speaking... outfit/life post

maroon floral shirt ~ motherhood maternity, oversize cardigan ~ thrift, black jeggings ~ walmart, moccasins ~, vintage-inspired earrings ~ walmart

this is my favorite cardigan ever.  it matches pretty much everything.  it is over-sized.  it is soooooo comfy!  AND (while these are indiana pictures) i have been able to wear it a couple of times since being in nevada!  yay for temperature drops!  
this is an outfit that feels very true to me.  it is very comfortable, yet classic and feminine.
my makeup is my go-to look these days.  simple neutrals.  anyone interested in me sharing my hair/makeup routine?  hmmm, that might be a fun post for anyone wanting an easy ready-to-go look!  :-D

now to life:  rennie seems to be pretty well adjusted to us living with her grandparents.  andrew isn't crazy about his longer commute to work, but is doing well besides that.  i am definitely enjoying a break from cooking every day.  ;-)  in all seriousness, it is weird not having a house of our own, but this has also been such a sweet time so far.  rennie is in love with her oma and opa and it makes my heart so happy!

in other life-news, i've been doing so much soul-searching recently... weighing my hopes and fears and prayers.  seeking for a joy that i seem to have lost some time ago.  it is so good to stop and seek wisdom and ask for help.  i'm so thankful for the encouragers in my life who speak life and understanding to me.

who is a life-speaker for you?  who is the person you count on to remind you of truth and beauty?  tell me and then tell them.  outside of the Lord, my life-speakers are definitely my husband, parents (all four of them), and siblings.  so thankful.


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