Tuesday, December 20, 2016

our 2016 family pictures

recently our little family trekked up to a beautiful, mountainous area with andrew's parents to *finally* take some family pictures!  yay for having something besides selfies and tripod-with-timer photos.  :-)
andrew's dad did such a wonderful job capturing us and mom did an equally amazing job of watching rennie while andrew and i got some long-overdue couple-pics. 
besides october, this is my favorite time of year!  and this location was brimming with gorgeous pines and piles of snow... so it was pretty much perfect.

i weeded through and chose my favorites, but will still send out a warning for a picture-overload in this post.  most of the shots were just too sweet to leave out.
please enjoy!

my two loves...

so in love with this dear man

hope you are all having an amazing december!  what a beautiful, joyful time it is!


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