Tuesday, December 13, 2016

mamabird life {ten}

my mamabird life right now includes:

~ soaking in weekends
~ little walks... rennie loves being outside

~ exploring the local park
~ realizing that there's only so much a one-year-old can do at said park without giving herself a concussion (where are the toddler swings???)

~ static.  in the hair and everywhere
~ wearing sweaters in the morning and t-shirts by afternoon

~ a little blue bouncy ball
~  butterfly wings that are secretly a safety harness (don't tell rennie!)

~ living in my hubby's old bedroom
~  realizing that my in-loves have probably figured out that i hate wearing anything but sweatpants at home this time of year.  :-P

~  grandparent/rennie adorableness!!!
~  her vocabulary exploding (her favorite word by far is "opa", our name for andrew's dad)

~  tumbles.  lots.  my girl is fearless and that leads to many bumps and bruises.
~  convincing a stubborn child that her water/food is the same as mama's (she still doesn't believe me)

~  travelling into the mountains to take family pictures (which will be shared soon!)
~  glimpses of snow and getting to wear warm hats

~ practices at church for the children's christmas program (i get to accompany them on the piano for a couple songs)
~  gift shopping

~ christmas card-creating and address-gathering
~  much coffee and tv (just keeping it real!)

~ stress, laughter, lounging, rushing... so many crazy things thrown together
~ lots of beauty and blessings!


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OldFashionGirl said...

You are such a lovely family! I know the reality of stress and delight all mixing together for the holiday season. But I am glad you enjoy the beautiful bits, I love your family updates. God bless and Merry Christmas