Thursday, September 5, 2013

recent life ~ in pictures

~ apple cinnamon muffins... homemade... a gift from my sister
~ eggs with Italian seasoning
~ cold milk and hot coffee
~ sunlight through the windows in the morning

~ lovely aprons
~ socks that don't match my outfit
~ cooking
~ making a mess

~ creativity
~ organization
~ cleaning
~ finding forgotten treasures

~ enjoying one of my favorite places
~ remembering
~ laughing at some memories
~ crying with others

~ escaping, then coming back
~ breathing deeply
~ letting waves wash over me
~ finding a way to see again

"Maybe not today,
or tomorrow,
or even in a year,
but eventually
things will turn up
you will get better and
be able to look back
and say with relief:
'I made it'."

Thankful for the gifts.  Praying to trust through the loss.  Trying to find the strength to hope again.

"To be alive
is to be broken,
and to be broken
is to stand in
need of grace."

1 comment:

Josie said...

Simply beautiful. Even during the brokenness of life, God is still good. Beautiful pictures, wonderful blessings.