Friday, September 13, 2013

not the end

"Not everything in life has a happy ending...
 but this life is not the end of the story."
~Rick Warren

 I was just thinking today... it has been exactly a month since I knew that the long-awaited baby of my prayers, dreams, and tears had gone to be with Jesus.  I have never experienced heartbreak like what I have gone through these last few weeks.  Though I have learned plenty about myself, my husband, my family, my friends, and my God through this, I have come to no new mountain of discovery; no great theological finding that has made this time all make sense.  I still don't know why God didn't save Promise's life.  My heart still aches deeply to have my baby here with me.

  There is no "getting over" losing your child, no matter how long you had them. There is no moving on from them, but there is moving forward towards them. I don't know how I could survive without the knowledge that every beautiful or broken day I live is one day closer to meeting my child in heaven. That truly is what holds me together and gives me hope; what makes life worth it and heaven all the sweeter.

Standing on the promises...


Hannah Barta said...

I just saw this quote on Pinterest and I loved it! Thank you for sharing it here.

Natasha Atkerson said...

Still praying for healing for you Rachel, I'm glad you're doing "better."
It's weird, because my mom miscarried a baby in-between me and my brother and she said sometimes at the table she'll feel like someone is missing.
I am grateful that there is comfort in knowing your baby is in the arms of Jesus. I'm just so sorry for you that you never got to hold the baby.
Hang in there, Rachel. *virtual hug*
Your sister in Christ,
A Modest Fashion Blog;

Maiden Princess said...

I listened to this song the other day and thought of you. I tried to think of myself in your place, how would I react, respond. I cannot even fathom the pain you are in right now but I know that our God remains faithful and I pray that daily you will feel Him holding you near and being the lifter of your head. Hold tightly to His promises dear sister and know that others are holding you up during this difficult season as well. You are never alone.

May His Peace flood your heart and His strength carry you through these days of trial.

In His Love,
Maiden Princess

Kalin said...

I recently read a book-a Christian romance/fiction/historical book based in the 1940's-and the woman had a miscarriage. One of the quotes was so amazing and heavy... "When you lose a friend, you lose part of the past. When you lose a spouse, you lose part of your present. When you lose a child, you lose part of the future." It's hard, I haven't gone through it but several people who are extremely close to me have. Keeping you in my prayers.