Thursday, September 19, 2013

come, autumn!

Autumn is my favorite season.  It is a time of crisp mornings, beautiful colors, pumpkin-flavored/scented everything, scarves and hats, rosy cheeks, open windows, and cozy days of reading good books with a steaming mug of coffee.  It all definitely makes up for the amount of allergy medicine I have to take.  :-)

Here in Indiana, the warmth of summer is still clinging to our afternoons, but the mornings and evenings are beyond gorgeous (and several days I was able to wear long sleeves all day long!).

One Monday, Andrew and I were driving to the grocery store and were astonished by the enormous amount of birds perched on the telephone lines and flying around the orange-and-pink-with-sunset-sky.  Migrations are beautiful!

Does anyone else love how lit candles look this time of year?  I think the softness is so soothing.

And seriously! coffee just tastes all the better when the chill of autumn-beginnings are in the air.

I've gone through all of my cold-season clothes and ended up selling most of them in my family's garage sale (and then donated what remained).  So my wardrobe is pretty sparse right now (and I still have many items I want to get rid of once I have enough "replacement" clothes).  I'm excited about how much freedom I've been feeling recently in how I dress and enjoying all that comes with just wearing what I love! 

Yesterday and the day before were spent with my Mom and five youngest siblings.  We spent time walking around the park where Andrew and I were married, ate good food, talked, laughed, drank coffee, and just enjoyed being together (pics coming!).

Today my hubby only had a half-day of work, so we were able to get some things done and also just enjoy a relaxing afternoon together.  So love being with him.

So, that has been my life during this end-of-summer-beginning-of-autumn time.  This summer has had more hardship and heartbreak than I ever expected.   I will always be a different person from who I was before the summer of 2013, but I am ready to look forward to what this next season will bring. 
Blessings to you, my dear friends!

PS.  Can you tell that I love decorating for autumn???


Natasha Atkerson said...

Oh I know, Rachel! I think because it's been so hot here this Summer, I'm REALLY enjoying the changing weather!

Plus my style is more layers, so Summer is a pain on my creativity!
Your sister in Christ,
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Sereina said...

I love fall, it's my favorite season. It's such a beautiful time of year with all the leaves changing colors and a cool breeze in the air.

All of your fall decor is so cute! You have a really great decorating style. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your decorations! ~LOVE candles!
I miss Indiana autumn, but South Dakota autumn is gorgeous, too! I am so excited about getting to wear more layers and jackets.

You know, it's such a blessing to read your blog, Rae. I miss you a lot, and pray for you. Keep walking with God.
Love, Abby