Monday, March 5, 2012

Family Vacation Part 1, Cabin in the Woods

Last week my family
escaped to our favorite
getaway spot.
It was a short three-day, two-night
 but it was so wonderful!

The whole family enjoyed
walking around in the trees and
 to the creek
downhill from our cabin.

The cabin had a
lovely deck off of the
So, of course,
it was perfect for pictures!

My family has vacationed in
cabins like this one since I was
eight years old.
It's very much like a

Enjoying the beautiful
weather last Wednesday with my
two lovely sisters!

Being crazy...
or normal for us.

Joined by Bekah on the back deck.
She's such a cutie.

Speaking of cuties...
Danny is such an ornery kiddo.

Natalie and I are very competitive
card players!

Learning young...

I SO love these woods in
I would love to live out there
for a longer period of

Sweet lil' Bekah.

The face she makes when she
wants something...
the child is in great danger of being

The girls and I stayed up the first night
laughing hysterically in
warm sweatshirts and soft cabin-glow.

Happy gal!

The whole clan the following morning
playing cards before our hike!

More pics to follow...

God bless!


Mikailah said...

Looks like fun!! :) I love seeing the pictures, and I am looking forward to more! :]


Indy said...

That's really nice I think. The photos show a lot of fun to see. I don't know that part of the world and thats why it is so interesting for me. Here we have forests. To walk, take pictures. There are burial mounds, of/from the first inhabitants of our country. Remarkable to realize that my ancestors lived here. Where your ancestors come from?

ginanorma said...

What an absolutely beautiful thing you all did together, what a neat place and fab pictures!!! What a cherished precious time, thanks for sharing with all of us!

Lily Marie said...

Love the pictures! What beautiful scenery! Your family is so cute. ;)