Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My life in pictures...

Since I haven't had
(or made)
much time for blogging
AND because I don't have much
time this morning to
I've decided to let pictures
and a short comments underneath,
bring you all up-to-date!
I truly have missed blogging...
hopefully I'll be posting again soon...
who knows?!

Hope you enjoy this time of
catching up!

To start off...
the lovely flowers sent to me
not too long ago from my
amazing fiance.
They have been hang-drying for a little while now...

My family celebrated our strong
Irish heritage the whole
week before
St. Patrick's day.
We made shamrock breadsticks!!!

Some of the shamrocks were
sprinkled with cinnamon and
green-food-colored sugar!
Major YUM!

My Mom being funny!
Daddy seemed to like her

My dear friend,
visited with me for three days
that week.
What a loverly time!
In this picture, we're all
"dolled up" for my
bridal shower.
(Which happened to fall on
St. Patrick's Day!!!)

I love this dear friend
SO much!
We met at a birthday party in our
early teens and have become
best friends since then.

Natalie followed us
around with a
taking pictures as we
enjoyed the
beautiful weather.

I like this one...
We look so sweet and

Oh, wait!
There we are!

This one is my

Then, of course,
I had to steal the
camera and get a few
shots of the loverly

Thank you for a
wonderful three days of
laughter, long talks, goofing off,
taking walks, watching movies,
eating amazing food, playing music together,
singing, Bible-talk, playing with makeup and hair,
and just being a wonderful friend!
Love you, Hannah!

At my bridal shower!
A wonderful lady from my church,
who I play on worship team with
(and who has become a wonderful friend),
hosted this party.

With my Mom and oldest three

Some of the ladies!
Thank you all for coming!
And thank you, Linda, for all the
work and love you put into that day!

Later that day, Andrew arrived for his
Spring Break visit!
We hadn't seen each other for
two months and it was
SO good to be able to
be together for a

Gazing into each other's eyes...
I've noticed that we do that
a lot when we're
Maybe its because we only get to do it
every couple of months.

Yeah, we goof off too...
He makes me laugh so much...

And he knows how to
really smile.
His eyes practically disappear his
grin is so big and
I love that.

Unique lighting...
the sun was setting.



It's so nice holding hands.
We chose not to do that
until after
Andrew, I love holding your big,
strong hands.
They make me feel safe and loved.

Hehe... Natalie told us to
look serious.

"Okay, less serious!"

This one was fun to
figure out.
I really like it.

Our good close-up!

We walked down to where
Andrew proposed back in
He asked the same question,
"Rachel, will you marry me?"
I answered the same way as before,

Lastly, this picture is my
VERY favorite...
it captures so much about us.
How God brought a guy in a
cowboy hat and a
gal in sparkly flip-flops
How God gave love to a guy who would
rather be hunting or fishing and a
gal who would rather be
sipping coffee or reading a book
(or both).

Opposites definitely attract.
And I'm so thankful for all
God has been doing in
both of our lives!

52 days to go!

Thanks to everyone who
read all the way to the
bottom of this
May God bless you all!

Hopefully I'll be back soon.


Melanie said...

Rachel! Thanks for sharing with us, my friend. How sweet...this whole post just made me smile. :)

And as to your comment--may He pull you ever closer during this season. Rest in Him..abide in the love of your King....<3

Love and prayers,

Vicki said...

Adorable pictures! You two make such a cute couple! ^^
I love that one of the heart.(:


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful week you had! Your happiness spreads like wildfire! Congratulations again! ~Jordan

Megan and Abby said...

Wow. I just realized how much we've grown up since we met. You were a "shy" young lady, and I was an even more "shy" and even younger lady. *laugh* Now here you are, holding hands with a handsome man, graduated and engaged. Wow. I hope time doesn't go so fast that next we find ourselves in wheelchairs and nursing homes! God bless you in your last two months of being single, my friend!

Unknown said...

Rachel! It's is so much fun seeing pictures of you and Andrew together!! :) I loved the rest of the pictures too! I'm so very excited that I get to meet you in 50 days! I'm praying for you as you are making the rest of the final wedding plans.
-Theresa Moody

ginanorma said...

So good to catch up, I've only been to your blog once or twice, but re-connecting with blogs I knew I followed for a reason! What a sweet post filled with abundance! A bridal shower and how cool that you and your family celebrate St.Patty's day the whole week, honoring your heritage, love that! (I've gotta learn why your fiance was gone for so long, is he in the military?)
You must be getting SO excited, yet anxious for your Wedding, oh and I think it's sweet that you are staying pure until your wedding daughter is 17, and she is well on her way to that too!