Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Vacation Part Two, Hike and Water Park!

On Day Two of our vacation
we went on a family

The woods surrounding the
cabins are so lovely,
even in the winter!

We found a fun spot for a
We don't get these very often...
I'm going to have to edit my
Dad into the picture

The family...
minus Daddy.
There is a price to pay
sometimes for being the person
behind the

Yes, Natalie...
that is a tree.

Another family pic!

Later, we headed off to the

Jessie on the water slide!
I only went down once,
but it was really fun!

Don't know what happened in this
pic... maybe he got
water up his

Mommy and Daniel coming
down and water slide!

Jessie and me enjoying the pool!

Playing pool-volleyball with
Mom and Dad!

Danny and his noodle!

Danny under the...
I don't know the official name for
those things...
"the thing that shoots a heavy flow of
water and is not a

After supper, my parents took the
younger kiddoes back to the
Jessie, Natalie, and I decided to walk
from our cabin down to the Lodge
(which is connected to the waterpark).

Yes, Rachel...
that is the Lodge.

Very serious as we
watch our siblings

I'll be doing one more post with vacation pics

God bless!


Indy said...

Wow, I like the swimming-pool. I don't swim very often.durnGo Maveryb

Lily Marie said...

I love seeing others' vacation pics. ;) Looks like you all just had a blast! I LOVE waterparks like nothing else. =)