Monday, February 20, 2012

One-hundred-and-fifty-two hearts...

I have discovered something monumental:
Sometimes life and
don't mix very well.
Even with so much happening,
I sometimes am at a
complete loss when I sit down and
try to think of something

One project I recently
completed was making
paper hearts that will be part of the
decorations at the
wedding reception.
This was rather time-consuming,
but easy and fun.

I found this paper at
For only $5 per
50-sheet pack.
It is lovely;
quite vintage and will go well with the
colors I chose for the

After tracing and cutting for
I finally got to the fun part:
designing and stapling!

It took six strips of paper
per heart
(if the paper design had been double-sided,
I would only have had to use three),
lined them up so that the
blank sides were hidden,
then simply stapled the bottom

Taking the outer two strips
on both sides,
I folded them in till the
heart was either as
thin or fat as I
desired and then
stapled the inside.

I used all the same design
paper for some hearts and used
combinations for others.
It was really fun.

To finish,
I cut the access paper off of the
middle two strips and
hole-punched them.
Then all I needed was string.

This would be a *fun*
project to do with friends.
Make an "assemply line"
so that the job gets done
rather quickly.
My sister, Natalie,
helped me for a couple hours
one evening with the tracing,
which was a huge help.

So, right now,
my room has
hearts hanging from every shelf
and nail I could find.

Hopefully I won't
hate hearts by the time I can
finally use these!

I've just come off a
crazy four days.
My sisters,
Jessie and Nat,
along with my Dad,
have been gone on a
youth retreat.
It's VERY good to have them home.

We celebrated my
Dad's birthday this evening
since he wasn't here on the actual

Happy (belated) Birthday, Daddy!
I love you with all my heart!
And with all of these hearts too:

God bless!

Off to do some cleaning and laundry now...


Megan and Abby said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! But 152 is a strange number... is there any significance?
Tell mr Chris I said happy birthday! -Abby

Melanie said...

Rachel! I love these--beautiful..and creative. :)

Jessica said...

Wow! You're room looks very *love*ly right now :D


Leah said...

So pretty! I love all the hearts, and they look very nice strung up all around your room :-)


Anonymous said...

hello, i saw on your "about me" you were engaged and was wondering if you were still engaged?!? cuz those would be very cute in a reception room:-)

Indy said...

Great! I like the hearts!