Saturday, February 11, 2012

at age seven.

When I was seven
like her
we didn't have a digital camera.
My memory
is so full,
bursting with
pictures of the mind.

When I was seven
like her
we didn't watch many movies.
I thought up little
stories that my
Barbies and stuffed animals
acted out.

When I was seven
like her
I wanted to be a writer...
still do.

I'm thankful for my childhood.

When I was seven
like her
I didn't understand that
childhood was
I was the oldest and
that can be hard.

When I was seven
like her
my Mom was constantly sick from
chemotherapy treatments as she
battled cancer.
I was afraid.

When I was seven
like her
I grew up in so many ways.
Life wasn't always playing kitchen.
Dressing up.

It was bottle-feeding infant brother.
Mommy losing all of her dark hair.
Daddy being scared.
Being at Grandma's house while Mom went to the hospital.

I'm so thankful for her childhood.

Sometimes it hits me hard.
When I correct her and she says,
"You don't know what it's like for me at my age, Rachel!"

I can only blink back tears of wonder...

because I don't.

She is taught the beauty of simplicity;
has the blessing of a healthy,
life-loving Mom.
I was taught the value of every moment;
had the blessing of keeping
and continuing to treasure
my Mom.

I can only trust that
these are the lessons
we were and are
meant to learn

at age seven.

And I am thankful.

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Melanie said...

Love this, friend. many different seasons--He is so faithful...that we can look back..and be thankful for the brokenness.