Friday, February 3, 2012


Today I decided to join in on the Five Minute Friday over at The Gypsy Mama.  You write for five minutes, being inspired by the "word of the week".  What a neat, thought-provoking idea. 


My life is often lost in pretenses.  I often forget what is true… what is real.
I lose myself in the things that will not last.  I waste time so that only echoes of what is real exist in my daily life.
What a far cry from the life I should be living.  Giggles of siblings, words from parents, heart of a young man, passionate love of my Savior; that is real.
I am so prone to wander from what is real.  I live in my own world of selfishness, as if I’m the only one who matters.  As if the world was created to glorify me.  Oh, the fantasies I am swept into… I sweep myself into.
Real.  So often ignored.  WHO is real, so often forgotten. 
Realizing the real is my challenge.  Realizing what matters and what will be destroyed eventually.  What will last and what will melt into nothingness. 
Lord, YOU are real.  You are the most real.  Please, make me like YOU.



Jerralea said...

Oh, I love this! Realizing the real is my challenge.

I so agree, in fact, I believe it is the challenge of all believers.

By the way, I love that quote from Chesterton in your header!

Nela said...

Beautiful words, Rachel! Love them all. :)

Amy said...

Such a good reminder. And it goes so well with that great quote at the top of your blog!

Lily Marie said...

Beautiful, I can so relate to these thoughts! Thanks so much for sharing them! =)

Becca Anne said...

This was so beautiful!! Thank you!!!

ginanorma said...

I really really liked this, reminded me of somethings I have written before, and it reminds me of the David Crowder song that says "life makes it so hard sometimes, to know what's real"
gee i love that song!!! so true!
I wrote tiny bit about being prone to wander last week...