Tuesday, April 10, 2018

april favorites

~  my daughter's windblown hair.  it smells like sunshine.

~ tiny children in rainboots.

~ warm breezes.  it doesn't entirely feel like spring yet, but maybe we're getting close?!

~  impromptu family outings. 

~  bump pictures (even when being a mom to a toddler makes it difficult).

~ holding rennie's hand as she falls asleep.  ugh, my heart can't even handle how much i love her.

~  daddy/daughter adventures.  both andrew and rennie have new bikes and it is so cute how he takes her out to ride together.  <3

~ haven's squirms and kicks.  sometimes they are so faint and other times they make me gasp!  she's getting so big (as am i!) and it's crazy to think that in as little as 2 1/2 months we will be holding her!

~  amazon shopping for nursing clothes.  i didn't buy a single nursing top while breastfeeding rennie and want to make my life easier this time.  ;-)  honestly, some of the options are hideous but others are super cute!

~  crepes and donuts and coffee and smoothies... all made perfect by being with lauren.  <3  i'm so thankful for the friendship that has blossomed with this woman since moving back to indiana.  she and her husband have quickly become as close and valuable as family to andrew and me.  *all the happy feels*

~  flower gifts from my little sisters.

~ fresh fruit.  pregnancy cravings are a real problem and so far my strongest have been for mexican food, cheese on everything, and fresh fruit!  now that produce in stores is finally looking halfway decent i'm looking forward so much to eating pretty much everything available!

~  shift dresses.  it is still pretty cold here most days, so i usually stick to sweats at home, but on those few warmer days it has been wonderful to break out some spring dresses.  they are so perfectly comfy for my growing bump!

~ starting the third trimester!  we are already almost two weeks into this last trimester of pregnancy.  i'm definitely having nerves over giving birth again, but am also so excited to meet haven!

~  all of the little baby clothes!  we definitely are set now for haven to arrive wardrobe-wise.  :-)  definitely helps having two girls in a row.

what are your april favorites???


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