Thursday, November 17, 2016

sweater day... outfit post

dark teal sweater ~ walmart, denim jeggings ~ label shopper, black booties ~ walmart, earrings ~ walmart, floral scarf ~ not sure... it's one of those things i've had forever

as i sit here, struck down with a nasty cold, it is so good to look back on the last few weeks.  rennie and i are now back from nearly three weeks in indiana and have moved (along with andrew, of course) into his pre-marriage bedroom at my sweet in-love's house, where we will reside for the next 3 1/2 months.  seriously, how fun is it that we get to live together through all of the holiday excitement!  now to get over this icky congestion and sore throat so i don't feel so useless.  :-P

oh yes, clothes.
i was able to document several outfits i wore while in indiana (thanks to my amazing sister, natalie!).  good thing i enjoyed some sweaters there since the weather here in nevada is still quite warm.  i found these amazing *not skin tight* jeggings at label shopper and i love them!  i am a jeans girl (mostly because they are just so versatile), but i've struggled soooooo much since my pregnancy with finding them comfortable around my waist.  enter jeggings.  i know this probably doesn't work for everyone, but sizing up has worked perfectly for me in using them as regular pants.  yay!
and this sweater.  it is so soft.  i love the color.  the end.

back to life.  since clothes are great, but they are just the coverings for doing life.
we are in a time of extreme transition.  living with family, travelling, figuring out ever-changing nap times with our unpredictable toddler, considering future housing... it is all exciting and crazy and hard and beautiful.  thank you all so much for the prayers.  God continues to provide.


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