Monday, November 21, 2016

of plaid shirts and haircuts... outfit post

getting my lucy pevensie on!

blue plaid shirt ~ ross, black lace cami ~ walmart, denim jeggings ~ walmart, flower earrings ~, slippers ~ walmart

okay people, my hair is short.
and i love it (as you might be able to tell from the numerous happy expressions in these pictures).

for about fifteen years, long hair has been a part of my identity.  short for me was never above my collar bone.  it was one of the first things andrew noticed about me and it was, quite often, a type of security blanket for me.
and i really did love it.  having long locks felt so romantic and timeless and gypsy-beautiful.  but it has felt less and less like me in the last year or so... pretty much since i became a mom.  as i ran around doing chores and carrying a baby, it was constantly in the way and being pulled up into a bun.  i only wore it down on sundays and even then it felt overwhelming and got into everything!  it was hard to control and took forever to dry after showers.
so i took a big step (at least for me!) while i was in indiana and got it chopped off.  and there hasn't been a moment yet that i've regretted it.  yay!  it's been so easy and fun!  i just feel lighter and happier with it.  <3

this outfit is one of my favorites.  if i keep saying that about my outfits, its because its true.  one of the nice things about having a more minimalist (more minimalist... how can that be right?) wardrobe is that you make sure you LOVE everything in your closet.  this combination is very practical for everyday life, yet i feel very put together.
and these fun slippers have become a staple inside the home (and out sometimes!).  they are super comfy and have good sole support for walking around the house... and the occasional shopping trip!

i have to give a huge thank you to my dear sister, natalie, who traipsed around the yard with me on three separate days to take outfit pictures for me AND was a huge voice of encouragement to try something new with my hair!  i probably wouldn't have had the courage to try without her.  love you, girl!!!

so, how many of you find it easier to get dressed when you own less clothing?  what are your favorite go-to pieces?  do you have a plaid shirt that you love???

happy monday, everyone!


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Livia Rachelle said...

Your haircut is cute. I recently bobbed mine (angled bob), I've had long hair most of the time as a teenager and never had a proper styled short cut. I like it for now, but I always want to put my hair up when I get the least bit hot and irritable, so this will only be for winter months. And I like my long hair, but I think I am less tied to it. I didn't know how I would look with short hair, but it looks nice. Haircuts always depend on the person, her face, the thickness of her hair.