Monday, July 20, 2015

summer showers... maternity outfit

Gray Maxi Dress ~ Thrifted
Floral Kimono ~ Walmart
White Flip-flops ~ Walmart
Gold Feather Earrings (not visible in pictures) ~ Walmart
Elven Headband ~ crafted by me
Flying Bird Necklace ~ crafted by me

Outside my window are gray skies and a lovely drizzle of rain.  Wispy clouds are blanketing the mountains and coffee tastes even better than usual.
Summer rain is one of my favorite things.  And the cooler temperatures they bring are a God-send to this barn-sized preggers person.  

This outfit is the one I wore to my first baby shower!  Oh, the soft gray material of this dress is dreamy.  It has definitely gotten a bit snug as my bump has grown, so wearing a draping kimono helped to balance the snugness.  :-)

I'm pretty limited with shoes these days.  I have been experiencing *terrible, sometimes painful* swelling in my feet (and every so often my lower legs).  I have two pairs of flip-flops that still fit comfortably (all of my close-toed shoes don't fit anymore!), so they have been my go-to choices these last few weeks.  Thankfully since its summer, flip-flops work very well!

My accessories tied into the pink and pale of the kimono.  I've really been enjoying wearing necklaces, earrings, and/or headbands with my maternity outfits!  Sadly, my wedding ring no longer fits.  I can still get it on, it's getting it OFF that scares me. 

Really HAD to include this last pic of me and my handsome photographer!  Usually I just use a tripod and timer for outfit pictures, but Andrew was home early and able to take these for me.  So thankful for this guy and how well he takes care of this little family.  <3

Thank you all for your continued prayers as we journey through this pregnancy!  We had a concern pop up over this last weekend, but after seeing my midwife and running some tests, it was confirmed that everything is still going the way it should!  *SO grateful!*  Less than four weeks till Serenity to technically full-term and less than seven till her due date!!!  WOWSERS!



Julia Ryan said...

Ohh so beautiful!!! This may sound absolutely stupid, but I feel like I know you Rachel! :D I am praying for your and sweet Serenity as the days grow closer. <3 I am so excited to see pictures of her.. if I'm this excited I can't imagine how happy you are! ;) You and your wonderful husband have greatly blessed me! :)


Danielle Fisher said...

I am sorry to hear about the swelling and pain! Serenity looks like she's getting anxious to meet you all. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures and read about your beautiful daughter!

Dani from A Vapor in the Wind