Thursday, July 30, 2015

summer moments

It is hard to believe that these pictures are already two weeks old...  Today I am 35 weeks into this crazy-amazing pregnancy and I have spent my day in bed with a sore throat and cough (hence the lack of current bump pictures... hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I'll take some!).

Before this nasty cold conquered me, I was very much enjoying adding little details to the decor in our house.  I had already sewn a curtain for our front door window and have now added a small floral vine I made.

Adding an assortment of vases and flowers to our dining room table provides the "woodland cottage" feel that I enjoy so much.  

One other recent project was to sew a new table runner for our living room coffee table.  It is so lovely to see our house come together.  Now I just need to get this sickness licked so we can do more in the nursery before Serenity makes her appearance!

One week ago today I journeyed up a mountain with my in-laws to spend four days at Family Camp.  It was exhausting to go camping while so-very preggers, but I enjoyed the time so much!  Andrew was able to join us after his work shift ended the second day.

During one of my much needed mid-afternoon naps, Andrew and his sister, Amanda, went hiking.  Andrew came back with this adorable horny toad.  I will admit, I freaked out a bit when he woke me from my nap and stuck this guy in my face... but I warmed up to him eventually.  ;-)

Our last day we went fishing... well, Andrew and Manda went fishing... I sat in the truck nearby in the shade eating trail mix.  :-P  Seriously, I was exhausted and quite sunburned by this time.  

One week ago... 34 week bump pics, this time up on the mountain with sun-kissed cheeks.  SO much has changed since visiting this camp last year.  I was so heartbroken by the prospect of never having a baby of my own... hurting incredibly.  No words could comfort me, not even the most well-meaning, encouraging ones.
Here I am, one year later.  Huge baby belly in front of me (yes, huge enough that nearly everyone asked if I was worried about going into labor up on the mountain even though I'm not due till early September!).  I can only praise God for this gracious, healing gift.
And knowing that next time I come to this camp little Serenity will be almost a year old... I'm not even going there!  :-P

I hope this time in my life can be an encouragement to others.  God is capable of great things... sweet miracles.  They may not always come when we want... they might not come how we want... but He has this way of turning ashes into beauty.



Maiden Princess said...

You are such a beautiful woman and beautiful Mama already. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us. It is always encouraging to me.
I hope you are already feeling better today and your health is on the mend.
<3 Maiden Princess

P.S. LOVE the flowers on the table. Definitely Cottage Chic! You decorate beautifully. Can't wait to see the nursery!

Becca Anne said...

I very rarely comment on blog, (a bad habit I'm working on,) but I HAD to comment and tell you that every time one of your posts pops up on my dashboard it makes me smile and sooo very excited!! You are simply beautiful and adorable, and I have been loving being able to "witness" your beautiful relationship as a wife and now soon-to-be-mother. You and Andrew's relationship is beautiful and inspiring!

I can't wait to see pictures of your precious baby!!!!

happyinheels blog said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see your baby!