Wednesday, July 22, 2015

coffee joy... maternity outfit

White Blouse ~ Thrift
White Cami ~ Walmart
Floral Palazzo Pants ~ Meijer
Vintage-Inspired Pink Earrings ~ Walmart

It is official!  I've got a watermelon belly!  ;-)  It's so funny for me looking back at early pregnancy pictures and remembering how huge I felt... I had no idea!

Truly though, I love my bump.  It can be uncomfortable at times, but I really do love how I look being pregnant.  I have never felt so physically secure in my life (funny, since I weigh a TON more than ever before)!  I suppose that's the beauty of carrying another human life...  <3

I'm actually managing to post outfit pictures that don't include a maxi skirt or dress!  ;-)  This pair of pants has been my favorite pair throughout this third trimester.  They have stretched beautifully and are incredibly comfortable.  AND this entire outfit is comprised of clothes from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe!  While I do have several maternity clothing items that have come in handy, I have found that it is definitely possible to go through a pregnancy without busting the budget on those often-expensive items.  Long camisoles, flowy blouses, empire-waist dresses, maxi skirts, and stretchy-waist pants have all been life-savers!

I'm so thankful I have found ways to use clothes during this time that will continue to be useful to me after Serenity is born.  I don't know what plans God has for us when it comes to future children/pregnancies... Rennie is a miracle we never expected.  I dearly hope that we can have more children in the future, but I am also cherishing the fact we've even been given ONE!  The thought of never experiencing this again can be hard... but there was a time not so long ago that I thought I would never have a child... God is capable of so much more than we could imagine and I hope I can keep that perspective and just trust Him.  <3

Now... details about this ensemble...  I wore this to church and also on one other day last week (yeah... I kinda love it)!
I parted my hair differently, opting for a middle instead of side part.  It was subtle, but I still enjoyed doing something a bit out-of-the-norm.
I'm not wearing much makeup.  Just a brush-over of powder and a touch of lip gloss.  Nothing on my eyes, just me.  ;-)  Life has been a lot of at-home days (which works fine since I tire so easily) and Andrew loves me with or without makeup, so most of the time my makeup is either simple or non-existent.

Starting tomorrow and through Sunday, I will be camping in the mountains with Andrew, his family, and a bunch of other families from Bible churches in this area.  Don't worry, I got midwife permission!  :-D
I'm pretty excited to get out of the hot temperatures for a few days... also realizing this is our last getaway before Serenity arrives!!!!  WOW!  Time has flown!

Well, my dears, I still need to pack before heading out tomorrow morning so this post needs to end.  
What is something you are looking forward to before the summer ends?  I think you all know my answer.  ;-)


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