Thursday, July 2, 2015

nelipot... maternity outfit

nelipot ---- (n.) one who walks barefoot

"Dreamer" Blouse ~  Walmart
Gray Cami ~ Walmart
Black Maxi Skirt ~ Walmart
Bird Nest Necklace ~ crafted by me

Again, I find myself posting outdated pictures (pregnancy-wise).  This is Serenity and me at 29 weeks, so these pics are now two weeks old.  Oops!

Anyways!  I love this blouse!  It is so *Rachel*.  Flowy, floral...  Just a happy shirt!
And, as you can see, the bottom half of this outfit is one of my ever-faithful maxi skirts.  Surprise, surprise!

A very comfortable and fun outfit for those casual days.  :-)

I know this picture was in my last post... but I just had to share it again.  I have SO missed having Natalie as my official outfit-posts photographer!  I've also really missed just being around her amazing self (same with my whole family).  What an incredible gift to be able to do these pics with her!  Love you, Nat!!!

Happy July, my friends!  After a pretty low-key week so far, I have music-team practice this evening (subbing in).  Friday I have a teeny bit of cooking to do for the 4th.  Then on Saturday Andrew and I are going shopping and spending the evening with his family (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles... etc... awesome group!).  THEN on Sunday I will be playing on worship team and Andrew will be preaching.  Prayers for us both (but especially for Andrew as he teaches God's Word) would be wonderful!!!  We desire pure hearts before God... never to be motivated by impressing others with performance, but only to glorify the Lord.  Thanks in advance!!!

What are you looking forward to this month?  I am looking forward to the family get-together and hearing my hubby preach this weekend, my first baby shower next Friday, and a camping trip coming at the end of the month (hopefully pregnancy will stay perfectly normal so there are no problems with me going).  These weeks are flying!!!


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