Saturday, May 30, 2015

Embrace the Blimp!... maternity outfit

Chambray Dress ~ Walmart
Brown Halftee ~
Crocheted Vest ~ Thrifted
Sandals ~ Walmart
Jewelry ~ made by me
Hair-bow ~ K-mart

There are some moments when I could easily forget I'm pregnant... I find myself checking every morning when I wake up!  Then there are other times when I could never forget!  Like when I'm working out (whew!), eating (cravings!!!), or choosing an outfit.  Items that worked in my first trimester... or even just a few weeks ago... are no longer fitting (or they just look super weird)!

After literally NO weight gain for the first 4-ish months, seeing the pounds pack on has been crazy for my brain to wrap around most days.  I eat a decently healthy diet (come on, I have to cheat sometimes!), but that hasn't stopped me from becoming more blimp-like with each passing day.  ;-)

In these recent years, I have very much been the girl who doesn't care what the scale says as long as I am eating well and feeling good.  I'm a big-boned, tall, dense gal and the scale just makes me cry!  :-P  I'm really taking that same philosophy into pregnancy.  If Rennie Faye is doing well, if I am eating and drinking *mostly* healthy, and if there haven't been any complications, I really can't be obsessing about what the scale says.

I am calling this mindset "Embrace the Blimp"!

Honestly, I am having fun dressing my bump.  I have never felt so physically secure in my life!  Strange how that works... I'm at the heaviest I've ever been yet have never felt so beautiful!

I'm enjoying finding the styles that are comfortable (nothing with ANY pressure on my abdomen), cute, and flattering for my ever-growing middle.  I've put off buying any true maternity clothes (I have a few pairs of maternity jeans but one was thrifted for a few dollars and the others were given to me).  Everything else I'm wearing are still non-pregnancy clothes that I can keep wearing post-birth.  In fact, this entire outfit is comprised of favorite items I wore long before being pregnant.  YAY!

John Waterhouse painting of Tristan and Isolde... one of my favorite pairs of earrings ever!

In other news, it is getting warm here...  Much warmer than this girl likes...  There is that daunting thought of "Ohhhhh... it's only going to get hotter and I'm only going to get bigger!".  *desert life*

Halftees have come in handy SO much already and I have a feeling they will continue to save the day.  Another thing I've been learning is to try to avoid buying shirts that will have to be layered (which is hard with how long my torso is... plus the added roundness) as much as possible just to help with the keeping-cool aspect of life.

I've determined in my heart to not compromise my modesty standards because I'm pregnant... which means skipping over the elastic-waisted short-shorts that can look oh-so-appealing when I feel enormous and sweaty.  ;-)  My desire is to continue to honor the Lord in how I present myself and be a good example for the little girl growing inside of me.  <3  

What are you most looking forward to wearing this summer?
For me, that would be flowy non-sleeved blouses and breezy maxi skirts!!!
AND fun earrings (love me those accessories!)



Natasha Atkerson said...

You look beautiful, Rachel!
As always, we agree so much! I LOVE my halftees, such an awesome modesty tool.
Every girl should have one, in my opinion.
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Hannah Barta said...

You look absolutely lovely, Rachel! I am so happy for your joy in this beautiful baby girl :)

I also like the fact that you're using items from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe for your maternity outfits. I think that's a great practical idea!

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Grace Matre said...

Such a cute outfit! You are looking wonderful :) great post!

happyinheels blog said...

So cute! You look very pretty!
Check out my blog?

Rachel said...

I LOVE your mindset Rachel. I envy how content you are with pregnancy and how blissful you seem with it all......

This summer I am looking forward to styling a really cute lacy komono I recently purchased. (Oh, AND having MY baby!) (August 14th). Definitely will be the highlight of my year.