Tuesday, June 2, 2015

wishing, anticipating, living


Seeing… beautiful blooms everywhere as the weather warms!
Hearing... birds in the morning and, sometimes, the very high-pitched bark of our neighbor's dog (which isn't nearly as pleasant)

Smelling.... popcorn!  I love the stuff so very much!
Needing... to fold the loads of laundry sitting on the loveseat... someday... ;-)
Wanting... to get curtains hung in the living room!  Waiting for the big picture window to be replaced; hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
Feeling... hungry. all. of. the. time.

Wishing... that there was some way to live near all of the people I love!
Thinking... about future projects... pillows, nursery pretties, etc.
Laughing... at my hubby.  He's just funny!  <3
Believing... that I will somehow survive this summer, even though it has already hit the high 90's here in Southern Utah.  :-P
Anticipating... eating the homemade creamy broccoli soup currently in my crock pot (remember how I'm hungry all of the time?)

 Dreaming... of Miss Serenity... quite seriously, most of my dreams at night somehow include her!

Praying... for peace as my pregnancy continues and the reality of giving birth gets closer!
Reading... "Two Princesses of Bamarre" by Gail Carson Levine (just finished it), "Waiting in Wonder" by Catherine Claire Larson (highly recommend this book to any friends just starting a pregnancy!), and the book of 1 Corinthians.
Singing... The High Kings (always and forever), Les Miserables (10th Anniversary Soundtrack), Celtic Woman, and Michael W Smith (his music from the 80's and 90's)!
Wearing... lots of amazing skirts (elastic waist and maxi) and palazzo pants
Preparing... my baby registry!  Really having a hard time believing we're close enough to having a baby to really be thinking about stuff like showers and registries! 
Remembering... this day last year: my last day living in Indiana before beginning the 3-day drive to live in Utah!  Wow... one year... craziness.

Loving... Rennie's daily reminders that "I'm here and I'm okay, mom!" as she squirms and kicks (sometimes really startling or even tickling me!).
Texting... with our landlords, trying to figure out when that crazy window is going to be replaced (long story about how the first window was ordered incorrectly and so only some of our windows could be replaced and now no one can get a hold of anyone to figure out what the plan is now... okay, not such a long story...)
Considering... what to bring for my trip to Indiana in just two weeks!!!!  Weather is so crazy there this time of year...  Usually I would count on borrowing clothes from my sisters but, for some reason, I'm having trouble believing anything they own would fit me right now.  ;-)
Reducing... the amount of coffee I've been drinking... *haha!*  Totally kidding.  COFFEE.
Longing... for September... seeing my daughter for the first time... I'm a little nervous about natural labor, but also not... knowing my body was made for this and all of the pain will bring a glorious result!
Recognizing... that I know so little, yet God will continue to equip my heart for this new chapter of motherhood.  So thankful for the people who have reminded me that we can have all of the cute clothes and gadgets in the world, yet all Rennie needs is *me* (and probably diapers... that would be good).
Smiling... because, even though this last year has been one of the hardest in my life, I am so blessed.  A difficult job, tight finances, loneliness, etc... those things are nothing compared to the gift I have been given in being God's beloved child.  And now He is giving me a child of my own to love.  Yes.  Much blessed here.



Julia Ryan said...

Oh how wonderful! <3 You are just the sweetest and most beautiful thing ever!! <3

happyinheels blog said...

So sweet :)

Danielle Fisher said...

I always love your beautiful perspective on life even in the midst of pain and weariness. I am looking forward to reading "Two Princesses of Bamarre" by Gail Carson this summer! My little sister loves this book and recommended it. I just finished reading "The Blue Castle" by L.M. Montgomery. Have you read this book? Valancy somewhat reminds me of you...a true romantic. :)

Also, the High Kings are some of my favorites. And I never weary of listening and playing the "Les Miserables" soundtrack. I hope your summer days are beautiful and bright in spite of the heat! I will be feeling that heat as well in central Oklahoma. :)


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