Friday, May 22, 2015

April and May-ness

22 weeks!

Wow... April and May have gone by so quickly!  I can hardly believe it is nearly June.

These last two months have been pack-full of life and goings and doings.  And there is more to come!  I don't see things slowing down for quite a while.  There might be a lull in July, but somehow I doubt it.  :-)

Re-vamping our new desk was a recent project.  When we bought it the entire thing was dark wood with *very* dated goldi-ish legs and handles.  Nothing some paint and new hardware won't fix!  We are SO happy with the results.

23 weeks!

No one seems to be in any doubt that I am pregnant now.  Since finding out that I'm measuring two weeks ahead, my rapid size change makes a bit more sense!  It is quite interesting now though... ladies asking me when I'm due and I say "Early September" to which they reply "Oh".  Guess I'm big.   ;-)

Another recent project: made a number of these as Mother's Day presents for my mom, mom-in-love, myself *wink*, and the ladies at my church!  Such a fun pastime!

New workings for Rennie's room (which she won't really use at first, but it's still fun to put together!).  Two Disney-inspired paintings-turned-puzzles by Thomas Kinkaid.  Also painted the frames a soft peachy-pink instead of the ugly black they were before!

I've been enjoying dressing my bump.  I love flowy tops, so I haven't had much trouble using my pre-pregnancy clothes in that department.  Bottoms have been a little bit more challenging.  Skirts are my bestest friends right now!

As you saw in my last post, Andrew and I had maternity pictures taken almost two weeks ago.  After pictures and a wonderful time of laughter and fellowship over Mexican food with our photographer and her hubby, we said goodbye and began our trip home.  We stopped to do a little bit of late-night-and-tourist-free sight seeing.  I so love hanging out with this man!!!  He makes my life so loved-filled and just fun!!!

24 weeks!!!

In other news, I'm loving food so much right now!!!  :-P  I've been trying to be good and keep away from a lot of sugar and carbs (though I do *need* that ice cream every so often, of course).  Eating healthier hasn't really kept the pounds from piling on, but at least I know it isn't bad weight.  ;-)  I'm loving homemade egg salad right now (especially on Ezekiel Bread toast!) and apple slices dipped in sun butter (yummo!).  Frozen berries are also something I eat nearly every day now.  And dark chocolate... it. is. amazing!

25 weeks!

 This week I have tried to catch up on housework (which has made my neat-freak husband very happy).  I've been struggling with insomnia the last couple of weeks, so energy levels have been a bit low.  I finally caved last night and took a mild midwife-approved sleep aid.  And it seems like it helped.  I already feel better today and like I slept longer and deeper.  YAY!

Our weekend will be a busy one!  Friends from northern Utah are coming later today and staying through Monday.  So excited to have company in our little house!!!  And Sunday Andrew and I will be filling in to lead worship again (which is always so fun for us).

So what have April and May been for you?  What are you looking forward to in June?
I'm looking forward to 

~ Rennie Faye growing even bigger and stronger!
~ my third trimester!!
~ trying to finish reading a few books I started
~ going to see my family in Indiana *happy dance*
~ getting one month closer to meeting my daughter!  EEK!



Rachel said...

LOVE that dress in the last picture!! So beautiful!!!!

Grace Matre said...

Looking lovely :) you're such a beauty <3
I agree, April and May went by very quickly!
Can't wait to "meet" baby Rennie! (Cutest nickname ever btw)

happyinheels blog said...

So cute! Can't wait to hear more from you! I'm so glad I followed your blog, would you like to follow me?

Ashley B. said...

You are just glowing, Rachel! You look so happy!!!
Love your outfits, especially the third one...but honestly they are all so. cute!
May God continue to bless you, your husband and your precious baby! <3