Sunday, November 2, 2014

beautiful adventure (with a surplus of s'mores and coffee)

I had never been camping.  Not really.  I had slept in a tent before, but only eating food you cooked over the fire or having no access to indoor plumbing?  Never before!

A week ago I was able to have the amazing experience that is camping in the mountains!  I went with Andrew, Andrew's parents, and my sisters (who were also able to add this to their list of "firsts").  Now that Jessie and Nat are back in Indiana, it is wonderful to have these pictures to share!  There are still a few more to come, which will be posted later this week!

First morning after sleeping in the tent (in very cold mountain weather!!!)...

If I wasn't already in love with campfires, I would be after this time.  Not only do they look amazing, but they keep the coffee hot.  :-D

Old-fashioned breakfast!

We did some mild hiking and enjoyed some gorgeous spots!

Exploring a kiln out in the middle of nowhere.

Andrew, Dad, Natalie, and I did a little more exploring and found a beautiful access point to the creek.

Our second morning we got a lot of the work done early with refolding the tents... Jessie found her own way of accomplishing this...

Near our campsite was a beautiful gazebo... perfect for pictures.

Miss these crazy-amazing ladies so much already!!

Natalie was kind enough to snap some pictures of Andrew and me as well!!! 
 *in love with our love*

Truly, I had such an incredible three days in this spectacular place!  Not only was it wonderful to experience something new with my sisters, but also to spend time with my family AND Andrew's family at the same time!

How many of you have been camping??  Do you enjoy it??? 


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