Monday, November 10, 2014


there are the sleepy morning faces (well, unless you're the morning person).

there are the excited we're-going-on-an-adventure faces.

there are the frozen-nosed, pass-the-coffee faces.

there are the happy faces...

contented faces...

the we're-together-so-everything-is-alright faces.

the faces that don't stop smiling.

the faces that say "all the time we were apart feels like nothing now... because no matter what changes, we won't".

the faces that stay light as every moment of life is soaked in.

the faces that crinkle and stretch with cheek-aching laughter.

the faces that share the same look and many of the same expressions (that's what growing up together will do).

the faces that keep smiling because it was oh-so-good!  faces that will see each other again and just have to be brave until that time comes.

these are some of my favorite faces.  the faces that bring my heart so much joy.  the faces it breaks my heart not to see for months at the time.  the faces I can look into with full trust and so much love.

missing these faces today (and the others I still haven't been able to see), but thankful for the time together and thankful for next-year plans.

Family-mine, I love you.  I miss you.  Keep being your epic selves until we can be epic together!



Jennifer Allen said...

As tears fill my eyes, I rejoice...I choose to rejoice in you and be thankful. I miss you with every fiber of my being, but somehow find peace in knowing that the Lord has you in His hands. May the time fly that needs to pass and may time stand still while we're together. I love you....

Natasha Atkerson said...

You girls are all beautiful!
Looks like you had an awesome visit.
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