Thursday, October 30, 2014

long time, no blog

Look at these lovely young women... Yes, they are here in Utah with me and are the main reason I haven't blogged in weeks. 

It's hard to believe Jessie and Nat's 2-week visit is nearly over.  They fly back to Indiana early Sunday morning.

Below is a glimpse of the first part of our time together.  More pics to follow, I'm sure!

Hanging out at my new favorite coffee shop... so much joy just being together.

Visiting Zion National Park (which is quite close to where we live)!

Beautiful tourists!

Natalie saving the world!

King of the Rock!

Sweet Jessie... how I've missed her smile and laugh.

*the epic*

One of many amazing views... though honestly, my favorite view the entire time was my sisters next to me.  :-)

Riding the shuttle!

Daring rock-climbers!

Lovely... oh, and the river and mountains are great too.

Hiking (more like wading-through-bitter-cold-water-but-it's-so-fun-you-can't-stop)!

Autumn colors and beautiful waterfall.

Overall, crazy incredibleness.  Having some of my family here has been such a balm to my heart.  And timing was definitely directed by God with some hard things Andrew and I are facing right now (which I will share about in a future post).

Thank you to all of you who continue to read my blog, even though it has become quite random (especially since moving).  Life continues to change (mostly in very difficult ways), so sometimes it is hard to write and share.  I am so thankful though for beautiful blessings like sisters flying across the country to see me. 

Much love to you, my friends!!! 



Hannah Barta said...

Aww, so sweet that your sisters got to come over. I know that I love to go visit my sister (and have her come visit our family) now that she's three and a half hours away! And that wading looks like TONS of fun. I'd go to Utah just for that ;) haha

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Natasha Atkerson said...

So awesome to be able to spend two weeks with your sisters! Lovely photos, Rach, the colors are stunning.
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OldFashionGirl said...

Wow-looks like a great time!