Monday, April 7, 2014

hear the wind blow

Pale Green Sweater ~ Walmart
Tan Cami ~ Walmart
Blue Jeans ~ Meijer
Brown Flats ~ Thrifted
"Be Still" Necklace ~ Shape of Love Shoppe
Rose Earrings ~ Gordmans
Lace Cuff Bracelet ~ crafted by me 

Yesterday was a beautiful and breezy (well, more like blow-your-hair-into-madness windy) day!  After church, Andrew and I spent the afternoon with my family at home and also out and about shopping.  This outfit seemed perfect for the day: warm, but still welcoming spring's arrival!

I've had these flats for a while now, though I haven't worn them often.  They are *slightly* too big for me (not enough that my feet flop around in them, but jut enough that my heels will pop out every so often and I'll have to take a second to get my foot back in the shoe).  :-P  Still very usable though! 

My earrings are a recent find at Gordmans (a store I love to visit!).  I've always been intrigued by earring that wrapped around from the back, but the ones I usually saw weren't really my style (your know, claws and spikes).  So, when I saw this feminine, delicate twist on the "claw earring", I was in love.  :-) 

My hair is wavy nowadays when I let it air-dry.  And yes, that is my nearly-two-year-old-perm still hanging on for dear life!  My hair stylist can hardly believe how long it has lasted (she thought that with my hair length it would last *maybe* up to six months at the most!).  My hair has always held curl well... now I know just how well!!  ;-)

Does anyone else think that lace cuffs are incredibly beautiful and delicate?!  My grandma gave me a whole bunch of lace earlier this year and I couldn't wait to work on several projects with it! 
I came up with an easy idea of how to make this bracelet.  In case you'd like to make one of your own sometime, here is what I did:  
I chose some lace that was the width I wanted, trimmed it to the right length for my wrist, and then coated both sides of the lace with a thin layer of Mod Podge (I guessed that this would make the lace strong, pretty much safe from ripping, and also help it keep it's shape... thankfully I was right!).  Once it was dry, I chose an adorable vintage-style (and big!) button, sewed it onto one end of the lace, made a loop with some thin white twine that would fit around the button easily (and tied a bow with the extra for an extra pinch of "classic"), and then sewed it to the opposite end of the lace!

Easy-peasy, my friends!

For my makeup I'm just wearing a light powder swept over my skin, a tiny bit of concealer, a smidgen of pink blush, some natural-tone eyeshadow, mascara, and Burt's Bees chap stick!  I've played around with wearing more makeup (and still do on occasion), but have always loved looking natural and real

So, fun spring clothing question: what colors do you like to wear in the warmer months?  I'm currently obsessed (and if you think that's too strong of a word, just ask my husband!) with light minty-greens (like this sweater!), soft pale-blues, and white/cream!

I want to thank all of you (on my blog and on facebook) who have showered me with love and prayers since Saturday's blog post.  You all blessed my heart immensely.  While the pain is still there, I know I am not alone and that is such a comfort.  So thank you (and big hugs!).

Have a blessed Monday!


Leah K. Oxendine said...

You're so pretty! And I love the shirt - mint is one of my favorite colors in clothing/accessories. :D

-Leah Kathryn

Ashley B. said...

Interesting earrings, nevertheless, they are super cute! Love this outfit, Rachel! Very nice!