Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 46} this too shall pass

Green Blouse-- T.J.Maxx
Cream Undershirt-- Walmart
Jeans-- Thrifted
Brown Sandals--  Gift
Green and Lavender Scarf--  Kohls
Bracelets--  MudLOVE, crafted by me, Brown County Lodge

This outfit was extremely comfortable and perfect for a casual summer day.
The flowy tank top made for a feminine, yet still practical, style... and was very fun to wear with this scarf and assortment of bracelets.  For a slightly more "summery" look on my lower half than jeans usually give, I rolled up my pants a little and wore some slightly high-heeled sandals.

Yes, I believe I will be wearing this again!  :-)

Life has been rough this last couple of weeks.  I'm not going to deny it.  I don't want anyone to be under the illusion that I am a spiritual superhero.  I have cried to God in anger asking Him why I couldn't keep my baby.  I don't understand... and knowing that God understands isn't always as comforting as it sounds.  These are the times when I don't want to believe there is a greater plan, I just want to curl up into myself and never feel anything again.

It doesn't get better with each day.  There are good days and then there are bad days.  Sometimes the good days stretch out for longer and then sometimes the bad days are so bad that it seems to crowd out any peace you think you had.

Andrew and I have been going through other hardships apart from losing Promise.  There have been problems with Andrew's job.  We had a scare on Sunday with Andrew's health (thankfully it wasn't what we thought, though it still wasn't that great).  I'm on nine different supplements right now to help my body be "normal" (nothing related to the miscarriage though).  Andrew is having back issues.  Even just the fact that I have cold right now is discouraging.

Yep, I know I am complaining right now.  Life is hard.

It was just two days ago that I looked at my sweet husband and said, "Please tell me it isn't always going to be like this.  I miss life just being fun and beautiful.  I miss not worrying.  Right now if it's not one thing, it's another and I feel like we just can't catch a break."
Andrew had no sure answer... no one could.  But he did assure me that we are blessed. 

It really doesn't feel like it, but we are.  And yes, things aren't always going to be like this... we can't know when they will change, but life is always changing.

This isn't a profound post.  I have made no newfound discovery through these trials.  I'm just getting through them day by day, hoping that when the sun does rise it will be all the brighter.

Thank you all for the prayers.  I can remember many other times in my life that have broken me... but nothing like these last few weeks have.  I need your prayers and I am so thankful for those of you who are still praying.

This too shall pass...

It came to pass...

Holding onto that. 

God bless!  He really does.


anna olivia said...

Praying for you, Rachel. <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Still praying dearie, that Jesus will hold your hearts and give you peace that can only come from him.

Hannah E. M. said...

Oh, I'm sorry for your troubles! I know that saying it probably doesn't help much, but I shall be praying for you both.

Natasha Atkerson said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how very hard it must be.

And I know it's okay to ask God questions, just remember how much He loves you at the end of the questions.

I will be praying for healing for you (physically and more importantly, emotionally).
I won't pretend to know how much you're hurting right now, but I'm here for you if you need to talk.
Your sister in Christ,
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Rebecca Ann said...

Rachel I am praying for you and Andrew. And did you get the website I posted on your other post? Just wondering. I hope it was ok I shared it with you.

God bless,

Emily Stewart said...

I've been crying out to God for you guys Rae. I don't know why life has to be so hard - all I know is that it makes me want my Jesus to come back soon, so there will be no more heartache or pain, and no more worry. "Jesus, hurry come back for us, we cannot wait - Jesus, hurry come back! We cannot wait, we cannot wait."
I'll continue praying. I love you so much!

Khloe Grace said...

I awarded you the Liebster blog award. I will pray for you.
-<3 Khloe Grace