Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recipe Time: Breakfast Pockets!

This recipe is SO fun and easy to put together.  Andrew loves when I make this meal and I really enjoy it too!

You will need :
One package of crescent rolls (makes 8 rolls/pockets... so if you're feeding more than 2-3 people, you'll want more!)
1 lb ground beef (again, you'll need more for a bigger family!)
2 eggs per person
Season Salt (normal salt works too, of course!)
Dried Chopped Onions (optional)
If you want to do the gravy on top (which is scrumptious!), you'll need one package of country gravy mix!

1.  Brown your ground beef.

Seasoning with these three is quite the norm for me!  The main taste of the pockets will depend on how you season your meat, so have fun if you want!

2.  Remove beef from skillet and drain away any fat/grease remaining.

3.  Scramble your eggs in skillet (seasoning with salt and pepper) and then remove as well.

4.  Place as much eggs and beef as possible (without it falling all over the place!) on the broad end of your crescent roll.  You can press out the dough to make it a bit bigger.

5.  Fold top over, then both sides (criss-crossing each other) to seal the pocket.  Press open sides together if you want a perfectly-closed pocket.

6.  Once you have completed making your pockets, place into oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.  Flip over pockets and then cook another 5-10 minutes (until both sides are a golden-brown).

7.  While the pockets are cooking, follow the directions on your gravy mix package.  If you had any ground beef left over from the pockets, add that to your gravy!  YUM!

8.  Remove pockets from the oven and allow to cool slightly.

9.  Place several pockets on a dinner plate and drown them in gravy!

This meal was incredibly fun to make and tasted so yummy!  And just because its breakfast food doesn't mean that it can't be a wonderful evening meal.  Andrew and I do meals like this for supper all of the time!

Hope you're all having a loverly week!

God bless!


Nela said...

Mmmm.. that looks so good!, Rachel! :9 Thanks for sharing the recipe with us!

Annie said...

This looks delicious! Definitely gonna have to try it!