Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites {No. 14} Beginning to look like Christmas!

Not really outside... no snow that has stuck yet.  But that's okay... there's plenty of Christmas inside to make up for it! 

There are HOT meals to fight off the cold.  With Andrew working an outdoor job, he loves warm, yummy suppers when he comes home.  This meal was whole wheat linguine noodles, tomato sauce (with chopped bell peppers, dried onions, ground beef, garlic, and other spices thrown in at my whim!), plus amazing garlic rolls from a lovely bakery/store my family loves.

Only this time of year would tomato soup being mixed with milk remind me of a candy cane!!!

The heater is turned on... a must for me!  I'm famous for freezing hands, numb feet, and a cold nose (and that isn't just in the winter)!

Crafts are being put together!  Can you guess what the glitter was for???  :-)

Lights are up at my parents' house! 

The front porch swing is desked with garlands and my Mom is actually wearing long sleeves and shoes!  :-)  (She is the complete opposite of me when it comes to body-temperature!)

More lights are found around the front deck railing... I just love Christmas lights!

There is a tree with lights too!!!  *squeal of lights, lights, lights!*

Long socks are being worn... we only get through a couple chapters at a time outside now before we retreat back into the warmth of the house.

The four dogs my family owns love being outside now (three golden retrievers and one papillon)!  This one is the youngest of the three golden retrievers, Callie (short for Caledonia, she is Jessie's dog).

The kids are still enjoying the weather that permits them to play on the trampoline with their big brother when we come to visit!

Andrew enjoys it too!  (I think in this shot Samantha is determining whether or not it is safe to be on the trampoline with him.)

There are yummy hot drinks like the one Andrew brought home to me as a surprise yesterday!

The downstairs bay window in my parents' lovely house is full of a beautiful Christmas tree once again!

Covered with many assorted ornaments collected through the years (some belonging to great-grandparents), this tree is full of special meanings and memories!

Some old ornaments... some bought in stores...

Some new ornaments... some handmade...

And, lastly, here is the Nativity in my own house.  Some people may believe differently, but in my home there is some time between the Manger and the visit of the Wise Men!  :-)

Hope you all have had a wonderful week!

God bless!

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Sereina Charise said...

Love all the pictures! Your parent's tree is beautiful.

Oh, and we happen to have the same Nativity set!