Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Favorites {No. 16} Twas the week before Christmas...

I love our sweet little tree in our dear tiny apartment.  The LED lights look blue in all the pics I took, but they are, in fact, very white.  :-)

To give you an idea of how big it is...  I'm 5'9'' and the tree topper is level with my head!  So it's about my height.  I love it!!!

We found our tree topper at Hobby Lobby 50% off!!!  Couldn't be more perfect than that!

The pinecome ornaments were one of my recent projects.  All it took was gathering pinecones back in October, white paint, glitter, and some wire!

My little "sewing table" (which hasn't been a sewing table for the last couple of months!).  It is mostly used for cute decorations now.

I found this cute little arrangement at Dollar General when mom and I were out "browsing shelves".  I also got the red placemat there!

My dining room table!

I've really fallen in love with pinecones... :-)  Just in case you were wondering!

The coffee table in the living room!  I also love these fat, stubbier pinecones that sit up by themselves!  They look so cute on tables!!!

Natalie, Dad, Mom, and Jessie about to join the dwarves in Bilbo's hobbit hole!

Last weekend, my family went to see "The Hobbit".  If you haven't seen it yet, you'll want to go see it RIGHT NOW!  If you have seen it already, you should go see it again RIGHT NOW!  ;-)

My family loves Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy pretty much obsessively... but most of us love The Hobbit even more.  You should have heard the fanatical screaming when we discovered that a film was being made!

Me with my Beloved!  Thanks... member of my family... for taking this pic!
Natalie spent the day with Andrew and me before meeting up with my folks and Jessie to watch the movie.  The whole afternoon before, Natalie and I went through little fits of excitement.  There was one point when I was literally pacing the floor saying, "We're seeing The Hobbit tonight, we're seeing The Hobbit tonight, we're seeing The Hobbit tonight..."  Natalie grabbed my hand, "Rachel, calm down!  Take a deep breath... in........  WE'RE SEEING THE HOBBIT TONIGHT!"  *more fanatical screaming*


Beard envy???  Thank you again... obscure member of my family who took this picture!
We all went out for Chick-fil-a before heading to the theater.  I think everyone in the builing could tell what we were doing that night... yeah, we're not the quietest family in the world.

Overall... it's hard waiting for the next two films to come out, YET!  I am SO glad that they are taking the time to properly make this detailed, incredible book into a fantastic trilogy of its own!

And, for any of you still wondering, John Thorton makes an excellent Thorin!  ;-)

And, to wrap up this post, I'll be sharing some pictures from my baby sister's birthday!
I can't believe little Rebekah Ann is THREE!

She is such a little doll... it astounds me every time I see her just how adorable she is!

One of her gifts was a canopy!  She loved going in and out of it!

She also loved the wooden beads she received!  All of the kids had fun making big necklaces.

We ALL enjoyed doing funny things with the party hats!  Josh came up with some really funny stuff!

Oh yes, and so did Andrew... though he tried to avoid getting caught on camera!

Bekah with her necklace!

Special bear blanket from Nana and Pop-pop (who are behind her!).

Fun Pom-pom and mini-tongs gift from Andrew and me.  It simply makes a game of color-matching and hand-eye coordination.  Strangely enough, this gift and the canopy were her favorites!  She was picking up and putting down pom-poms for a long time!!!  :-)  I also made her a princess cape... but I had camera battery problems so those pics will have to wait.

Happy (belated) Birthday, dear Bekah Ann! 
You're such a sweet little girl and I love you SO much!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!  I will (hopefully) still be doing my Modestly Monday post next week, so please be sure to check back!

God bless!


Josie said...

I love these pictures! And I can't believe Christmas is almost here. And... Mr. Thorton was fantastic as Thorin. Yes.

Alyssa Faith said...

So enjoyed reading about your week! I've been reading the Hobbit to my hubby over Skype while he is deployed and we are so eager to watch it together when he comes home! I am glad to hear that Mr. Thornton does a good Thorin. I was amused when I found out he was playing that role, as I hadn't imagined that marvelous voice in my read-aloud attempts....
Your little-girl gift idea with the pom-pom organizer is brilliant and so cute! Just curious, what is her birth-date? Mine was this past week on the 20th.

Rachel said...

Alyssa Faith~

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Bekah's birth-date is Dec. 16th. :-)

Its so neat that you're reading The Hobbit to your husband!!!

God bless!