Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Nevada Trip

Red Cliffs... such a beautiful place

Yes, I haven't posted in
3 weeks.
No, I did not fall off the
face of the

Instead, I flew out
Christmas evening
to spend
2 1/2
amazing weeks with my
fiance and his

I loved the beautiful
60-degree weather,
amazing scenery,
wonderful people,
the chance to spend time with
Andrew's family,
and the blessing of being with my
handsome man.

The beautiful lake in Utah where Andrew, Amanda (his sister),
 his grandpa, and I went ice fishing.
Andrew and I enjoyed
walks down to the
Mexican Market for
amazing breads and
Oh... and they had
cheesecake one time...

Zion National Park
 We enjoyed several
trips together,
watching favorite movies,
going to pre-marital counselling sessions,
 and fellowship with the lovely people
at Andrew's church on
Sundays, Wednesdays, and
a game night.

Amanda taking pictures.
The last couple weeks
 have been such an
amazing time.
More than anything,
I've experienced my friendship with
Andrew grow and

I spy.... Andrew!

We were able to share some
hard times together...
I received hard news
twice during my trip and
Andrew was so caring
through it all.

Myself with Andrew's family.
They were so wonderful in how they opened their home
and hearts to me during my stay.
I'm so thankful and can't wait to be part
of this family!
One thing we really
tried to work hard to
remember during our time
was to pray with each other
each day.
It's amazing what a difference
that makes in a

Amanda and Andrew's dad
took some pics of us at
Zion National Park.
What beautiful scenery!

Lord, thank you
so much
for this precious time with
Andrew and other
loved ones.
What a gracious gift from You he is.

Thank you that,
while it is good to be home
and be with my parents and
I can already feel a tugging
That I can already see what
a beautiful plan You have,
whatever it is!

Help me to keep
growing in my love for You.
It is only when I am
adoring You whole-heartedly that
I can even begin to love
Andrew the way
You would
have me love

Preserve us both, Lord.
Andrew while he finishes college,
finds us a home,
and job-hunts;
Me while I pack,
wedding plan,
and serve in the local church.
Help us to finish strong
where You have us
Help us to stay focused on
what YOU want for us;
how best to please YOU in
our lives.

Thank you,
regardless of what the future holds,
for WHO and

It's good to be back in the blog-world!
God bless you all!


Mikailah said...

Glad to have you back!! :) Looks like such a wonderful time. I love the pictures of you and Andrew. ;) His family looks very nice!

In Christ,

Lily Marie said...

So happy you had a fun time! The scenery is amazing, and the pics of you and Andrew are perfect. ;) I will continue praying as you both plan for the wedding amidst these hectic months!

Hannah said...

So glad you're back! The pictures are beautiful :) I'm so glad you had such a lovely trip!