Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breakfast at 10... p.m.

Sometimes it is good to do something
As Natalie and I were sitting together yesterday
afternoon, watching The Waltons with the
family, we exchanged a look of
hunger at the yummy
breakfast Mrs. Walton was feeding her
"That sounds amazing, doesn't it?"

So we decided, then and there,
that tonight we would do something
And it was easy to convince Jessica to
join us.

That evening, Nat and I ran to
Dollar General across the
street five minutes before
closing to get 
Orange Juice, then,
after all of the "littles" had
gone to bed,
we three older girls
set about the

We decided on the following
Scrambled Cheesy Eggs
Turkey Bacon
Biscuits with Butter and Jam
Orange Juice

Jessie took charge of the eggs.
She made enough to feed an
or at least three crazy girls.
(And their Mom who got
excited and decided to
join them!)

We cranked up the
grateful that the kids sleep
and danced around the
hardwood floors,
laughing and

I was in charge of the
My favorite recipe:
Bisquick and
Very complicated,
I know, but
well worth it!

Just as a side note...
and totally unrelated to
cooking breakfast at
Fuzzy socks are either very
fun or quite
hazardous on
slick floors.

While the
biscuits were baking,
I also heated water for our
Coffee-bag singles are
wonderful when you
don't want to
dirty the
coffee pot.

Natalie and Jessica took
turns with the
bacon and watching
(who loved being wide
awake last night).

We also took turns with the
demonstrating our skill with
photography and our
natural loveliness.

Goofing off with siblings is so much fun...
"Open your mouth and
close your eyes!
You'll get a great

No... I didn't
feed the batter to
Bekah looks like she would
try it though.

The eggs... ready to

Biscuits... yummy!
The jam was
homemade too!

The finished product
spread on a quilt
covering the
bolsters in the
living room.

The rest of the
evening consisted of
eating yummy food,
drinking a lot of
OJ and
coffee, and
watching a

Amazingly fun time!
Great memories!
I highly recommend having
breakfast at

May God bless your weekend!


Nela said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. :)

Melanie said...

Rachel, I LOVED this post. So sweet!
Can I please join you all next time? ;)..adopted sister? ;)

Vicki said...

Those eggs look amazing! I definitely need to try doing a late night breakfast...(:


Becca Anne said...

Sounds like a blast. :)

Lily Marie said...

Looks like a blast! We should totally try this. ;)

Cassia said...

LOL! Too funny!

Loved reading the post and seeing the pictures!


~Cassia :)

Susannah said...

I couldn't sleep last night...and got slap-happy. So we took your advice and Jessica, Cassia and I made breakfast of chocolate waffles and eggs at midnight. That was fabulous! :D