Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gonna-Need-the-Coffee Day... with yesterday's-outfit pictures!

It all started when I woke up.

I hear the voices of my
Jessica, and my
I know,
through the blissful fog of
that my time of rest is

Mom needs you to watch
I roll over,
sniffing and coughing
(I've been sick the last week),
then groaning softly,
and ask,
knowing the answer but
hoping for a miracle,
"Could you girls watch her for a bit?"

"We have school to do."

I nod.
I know that.
But I've always been one of those
"Alright, I'll be downstairs in a sec."

My sisters leave.
I drag myself out of bed.
I don't feel 100% and I've
never been a
morning person.
I pull on the sweatpants, shirt, and warm cardigan.
I go into the bathroom where
two more siblings are taking a
I pull my messy hair into an
even-messier bun.
I groan at my reflection and go

I keep an eye on
Bekah while I
talk to Mom,
talk to Josh,
try to mantain consciousness.

I hear a yell.
Little Samantha comes downstairs,
finger bleeding,
soaking wet,
wrapped in a towel.

broke a glass in the tub.

Mom is preoccupied,
so I go survey the damage.
Both kids are safely out of the
wrapped up warmly,
and the glass is gathered.

Five minutes later I stand,
Oreck handheld vacuum in hand,
waiting for the water to drain.

I glance around the bathroom.
I flush the toilet...
little kids forget that quite often.

I shake my head at my
reflection again.

The water is gone.
I sweep out the bottom of the
thankful for Dad's suggestion to
do so as I hear the
"Clunk" of
glass as its

I go back downstairs.
I sigh in
relief as I see the
miraculous light on the
coffee pot.

"I'm gonna need the coffee today,"
I sigh.

I'm sipping it even as I
write this.
It's a little cold now. 

And this post hasn't happened without
I stopped to talk to Mom
again and
offered fashion advice to
then listened to Natalie
rave about
eye-makeup and
(isn't it wonderful when you live with your
best friends???).

I'm awake now.
Coffee drank.
Actually happy to be alive.

I smile now.
Glad that I have a sister who wants my
opinion of her outfit.
Remembering the sweet talk I had with my
fiance last night over Skype.
Thankful that God is good...
even on mornings like this.

And I'm extremely grateful for coffee!

I've gotta go...
Bekah is running around with no
diaper on now.

Have a blessed day!



Mikailah said...

Oh my!! :) What a way to begin the day... :D Aren't little brothers and sisters such blessings? :)

May Jesus bless you tonight! :)

In Him,

Oh, and I LOVE coffee by the way.... ;)

Jordanna said...

I know those kind of days ;) They make you supremely grateful for two things: coffee and the Grace of God. Hope you start to feel better!
Cute outfit, BTW :)

Hannah said...

Coffee is God's gift to us, for sure :)

Anonymous said...

You'll make it dearie! Praying for you! :)