Monday, April 10, 2017

early aprilness

“So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord.  His going forth is as certain as the dawn; and He will come to us like the rain, like the spring rain watering the earth.”  Hosea 6:3

here i sit, cold coffee beside me and baby girl slumbering on the bed behind me, wondering how time keeps disappearing.  this poor blog of mine continues to be neglected as my life fills, but here is a brief glimpse into my life and thoughts.

today is a slower day.  andrew is at work.  spring rain, while not falling, looks like it could arrive any moment on this overcast afternoon.  it is definitely april in indiana.
my fashion statement is one of my favorite pairs of black sweatpants and a sweatshirt borrowed from my mom.  my hair is pulled half up to keep it off my face... ever since cutting it even shorter a ponytail is no longer possible.

we are still living with my family.  our future home is, hopefully, less than a month from complete.  we will see.  home-building projects are unpredictable, i'm learning.  walls are painted and flooring is laid though.  it's looking like a real house!

rennie is pretty well adjusted to life here.  she is so tired each evening... it's hard work keeping up with older uncles and aunts!

andrew and i have gotten back into the habit of a weekly date.  this has been extremely lovely and needed.  whether we eat out, take a walk, see a movie, go shopping, etc... we want to make this an important part of our lives: time alone together.  we are so happy to be "mama" and "dada", but being "wife" and "husband" is important too.  <3

i am currently reading through hosea with my mom and sister.  these minor prophet books have been incredible.  the reminder of how vital my relationship with the Lord is to everything else in my life has been convicting.  paired with my dad's sermon about "abiding in God" this last sunday, my heart has been turned inside out.  when did God become so familiar, so "old hat" that the importance of this escaped me?  when did passion turn to lip-service?  when did knowledge stay stuck in my head without leaking to my soul?  i know the right words to say so. very. well.  i know how to pray... but feel i've forgotten how to talk to God.  this growing, this deepening, is hard.  i need people to know this about me so they never think i have some kind of special ability or extra maturity.  i am so broken.  so in need of daily grace.  so often i am wrapped up in the future or opinions or agendas or paint colors that i forget what will burn and what will last.  i want to enjoy life and its gifts, but never at the cost of Christ.  it's so easy to deal with worries and issues by looking all around; to friends, to family, to self-help books and blogs, to dieting and exercise, to tv, to any thing for a quick fix.  i forget to look up.

this is such a time of transition.  of stretching.  hopefully also of growth.  i know full-well that growing can come with some pain.  we are experiencing this, but my prayer is that it will bring us closer to God and He will shine all the brighter through us as a result.

so, dear friends, that is my life currently.  how is yours?


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TrulyAragorn said...

Hi, Rachel:
So lovely to hear you're back in Indiana. Since you're reading through Hosea, have you ever read the Francie Rivers book Redeeming Love? It's a retelling of the Hosea story set in the 1800s. Normally I'm not much of a fan of Christian fiction, but this is definitely worth reading.