Thursday, May 4, 2017

mamabird life {fourteen}

life has become this crazy-lull.  explanation: there are days when overall very little happens and then these spikes of insane-busy occur.  we are also getting very close to moving into our little house.  anticipating crazy times can be almost as nuts as living them!

andrew and i are "enjoying" pre-setting-up our new house.  it has meant a lot of work and random trips, hence "enjoying".  but it has also been fun and we can't wait to see and live in the finished result!  now that andrew has finished building our new dining room table, we are repainting our large computer desk.  after selling a lot of our furniture pre-move, we have acquired a new (to us!) couch/loveseat set (with beautiful new legs, thanks to andrew!), a couple lovely bookshelves from a local scratch and dent store, a bed frame, and are working on figuring out dining chairs.

andrew is doing well at his new job.  he's worked for this company before, so it is mostly remembering things from three years ago and getting used to the strenuous activity.  he's pretty tired most of the time, but still takes time to go on dates with me and love on rennie.  so thankful for him!

the indiana weather has been as you'd expect: incredibly unpredictable.  we've had tank top weather and sweater weather all in the last week.  honestly, its been fun for me.  i guess you know you've missed your home state when even crazy temperature fluctuations can't faze you!

i'm getting so excited AND nervous to be in our own home again.  it will be so nice to have our own space, but i'm planning on making some changes in our cleaning supplies, self care products, and types of food we eat (specifically to naturally help my health/fertility through eliminating harmful chemicals as we try to grow our family again)... so that will be a huge new adventure on top of setting up our home.  what better time for a fresh start though?!  prayer for wisdom through all of the crazy would be wonderful!!!

how is your life???


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