Tuesday, March 21, 2017

mamabird life {thirteen}

whew!  when life is full, blog posts are few.

andrew, rennie, and i are slowly but surely adjusting.  we are currently living in my parents' home while our own home is being prepared (more on that in a minute!).  andrew will be starting his new job in about two weeks; in the meantime we are getting everything officially switched over to our indiana address and shopping for new-to-us (which means used, but still holding years of life!) furnishings.  we've had many sleepless nights between fighting local sickness and rennie getting used to a new house and bed.  we are pretty tired, but are surrounded by caring people (namely my family!) who have helped us so much.

so, to sum things up, mamabird life right now is:

~  seeing rennie's creativity explode.  she loves dressing up with my younger siblings and playing with them.

~  soaking in time with andrew before he starts a physically demanding job building pole barns (at least he really enjoys it!).

~  skyping with oma and opa.  we are making certain that rennie remembers her nevada grandparents and so far so good!  technology is such a blessing sometimes.

~  family kickball games.  boy was i sore the day after!  haven't ran much recently... ;-)

~  watching our new home come together.  BIG REVEAL: my parents are renovating the large pole barn (yes, like the kind andrew will build!) on their property into a house for us to use!  it will be a sweet two-bedroom, one-bathroom home with amazing, high ceilings in the living/kitchen space!  it even has a small yard of its own.  our plan is to rent this beautiful place until we have saved enough money to buy/build a place of our own.  none of us are in a hurry, so this will most likely be our home for the next five to seven years (that's my estimate at least).  my parents have been so generous with not only doing this but also letting us (well, mostly me) pick out the finishing touches, appliances, and colors.  we are hoping to be moved in by mid-april (what a perfect birthday gift that would be for me!).  we are so excited to be sharing life like this with our homes only 20-30 (i'm bad at measurements) feet apart!

~  popping in at my sister's work place.  she works at the local cafe/bakery and i've been able to visit her several times now (once to eat lunch there with andrew and rennie).  it still doesn't seem real that my life is things like that!  just last year i truly believed i would always live across the country from my family and now i will live across the yard!  *joyful thanks and happy dancing!*

~  TONS OF COFFEE.  sleepless nights and living with coffee-addicts equals this.  i come by it naturally, for sure.

~  reconnecting with the church here.  andrew and i attended this church before we moved to utah and it is good to be back (though i definitely miss certain sweet friends from the churches in utah and nevada).  i've also been going with my mom and sisters to the weekly ladies' coffee.  that time of fellowship has been such a blessing.  <3

~  morning bible readings with my hubby, mom, and sister.  this has to be one of my favorite things happening since moving here.  we are currently going through ezekiel and the time reading out loud together, then discussing the passage has been SO good.

it is all good.  even with stresses, changes, and exhaustion.  we are so surrounded by love.

how has your march been???  what are you looking forward to in the next months?

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