Tuesday, March 7, 2017

mamabird life {twelve}

last week a chapter of our lives ended.

it was bittersweet.

last wednesday, rennie and i flew out to indiana.  with no return tickets.

it was a crazy three and a half months living with andrew's parents with quite a bit of adjusting for all.  it was so good though.  getting extra family time and watching rennie bond with her amazing grandparents was such a blessing!  i also got the chance to know my in-laws in a deeper way and will always cherish the time we spent together watching movies, playing games, and talking!!!  (and the wonderful-albeit-slightly-stressful driving lessons my dad-in-law gave me!)

so, since my last post, mambird life for me has been:

~ much packing.  we accumulated quite a bit in nevada!

~ enjoying nice weather.  nevada winters are mild and and that made for easy outdoor time.

~ enjoying extra andrew time!  since his time at his job wrapped up, it has been so nice having him around!

~ having the flu.  ughhhhh... rennie and i were both down two weeks ago.  not so fun.

~ goodbyes.  those were hard.  our last week out west was spent seeing all of rennie's great-grandparents who live in the area, as well as some cousins!  the visits were wonderful, but the last hugs and waves goodbye were emotional.  i'm so thankful for these people!

~ snuggles.  being sick and now adjusting to life in indiana means extra mom-time for my girl.  it can be hard and draining her needing me so much, but it's only for a short time and so precious.

~ new friends.  getting to hang out with andrew's cousin, bethanie, meant rennie meeting a little cousin of her own.  they hit it off famously and were so adorable together!!

~ park dates.  we went to the best park ever.  i think us grown-ups had just as much, if not more, fun than the kids!

~  being reminded how exciting life is!  seeing things through a toddler's eyes is so special.  her newest, most exciting adventure was riding a little train at the park.  she loved it!

~  flying to indiana.  it was a long, interesting day but rennie and I pulled through quite excellently.  she was such a trooper!

~  seeing our future home for the first time outside of pictures!  more on that in another post... *so excited to share!*  and now, in the meantime, settling into my parents' home for the next month or so.

~ grabbing hold of special, little moments that stabilize in the midst of the crazy.  so many changes, one after the other, are hard (for toddlers AND grown ups!).  i am so thankful for those loving us through it all.

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Julia Ryan said...

you look so happy - I think that's all I can say because I'm so happy for you I could cry