Monday, January 16, 2017

happy basics (and the leggings subject)... outfit post

me:  black tunic-dress, jeggings, and boots - walmart, blue and gray necklace - antique store
rennie:  purple tunic - thrift, black leggings - khols, black robeez shoes -

simplicity makes me happy.  now that i'm being more picky about what i keep in my closet, it's important for me to have interchangeable items.  enter basic and neutral items to make my choices so-very easy!
i recently picked up this tunic and really have enjoyed wearing it so far.  it is very soft, lightweight, and even has pockets!  i like that i can wear my solid jeggings with it but also have fun with a patterned pair in the future.  

this brings me to an interesting subject: jeggings/leggings!  it is a much-debated subject in the modesty community and for a long time i've just avoided the subject (and wearing them) altogether.  but more recently i've been thinking on it along with asking my husband very particular questions about modesty.  i've come to the conclusion with his input and taking my own convictions into consideration that i still feel modest while wearing jeggings/leggings as long as certain criteria are met.  and it's actually quite simple:
if my shirt/tunic comes past my rear/hip/upper-thigh, i feel quite covered and modest.

one fashion inspiration to me is molly from "still being molly".  she's a young mom, a christian, and a fashion blogger.  while our styles differ slightly, she is never anything but adorably classy, modest, and lovely!  she has many outfits wearing leggings in what i feel to be a perfectly modest way (examples here, here, and here). 

do you have certain basic items in your closet the always come in handy?
what are your thoughts of jeggings/leggings?  how do you like to wear them?



Livia Rachelle said...

Yeah, I think that the leggings are fine with tunics, but this style only works with people with long legs. Its a no-no for my figure, brings out all the worst aspects. I like skirts because I look better in them, and I think that is a fine reason. Modesty and style all depend on personal standards, styles, and figures, and when we get that it makes things so much easier. I'm trying to refine my style, but I need colors, so I'm picking and choosing what I like in minimalist trends. I'm realizing in a lot of areas, that goals not nit-pick rules work best, at least for me.

Rachel J said...

I've seen all heights of ladies wear leggings and tunics in super cute ways, but I'm glad you've found something that you like and feel pretty in! And absolutely, certain modestly standards differ with body types. Having rigid rules doesn't help in most cases, but knowing what you do and don't feel modest in is great for a guideline!

Alison said...

Such a cute outfit!!! I personally am okay with wearing thicker jeggings/skinny jeans without regular-length skirts as well as longer ones or tunics, but I will only wear leggings or thinner jeggings with tunics/dresses. :) I love this look, especially with boots when others chilly enough here to wear them! :D

Alison said...

Oops! Meant to say "WITH regular length SHIRTS" :P haha!

Ashley said...

this was such an honest and real post.
i've thought about this before and would agree with where you stand!
tunics can be very handy to keep leggings (which are SO comfortable) decent, feminine and modest.
you look so beautiful! and serenity is getting so big <3

many blessings to you!