Tuesday, January 31, 2017

mamabird life {eleven}

mamabird life for me right now is...

- trying to keep up with my sweet, energetic toddler.  she loves to climb, follow me around (even to the bathroom), give hugs and kisses, go outside, and try on my shoes! 

- not seeing much of andrew these days.  he's been working looooooong hours, BUT has been able to use up some of his remaining personal days to have a few three-day weekends.  that has helped so much.  i'm so proud of how hard he continues to work at his job.  he is determined to finish well.

- letting rennie choose her own outfits most days.  a few weeks ago she brought a dress out to the living room to wear over her footie pajamas (pictured above!), which gave me a hint that she's getting more and more interested in what she wears.  all of her combinations so far have been adorable and usually match quite well!  it's been so fun to see her growing in this way.

- little reminders that my girl is still tiny... like holding her while she naps.  most of the time rennie naps in bed, but sometimes she falls asleep in my arms like she used to and those moments are so precious.

- dates.  the first year of rennie's life, andrew and i only managed one date just the two of us.  these days we're doing more toddler-free outings while andrew's parents watch her.  it's been so good to reconnect with my man.  <3

- coffee.  as always, it must be included.  there are literally nights when i get excited to sleep so i can have coffee again in the morning.  haha.

- rennie being our little helper.  she LOVES helping her oma with chores.  and heaven forbid i do laundry without her getting to load the dryer.  it's pretty cute.

- getting way too excited about finding sweatpants on sale.  ;-)

- having my favorite sight continue to be my man and my daughter loving each other.

- finding the perfect set of flannel sheets. it is hilarious how much joy a warm, soft set of sheets can bring during the winter months.

- silly faces, dancing and singing, netflix, bagel sandwiches, future home plans, cardigans, sleepless nights, music, teaching animal sounds, phone chats, and a surplus of hugs and kisses... and less than thirty days till we move.  and one more cup of coffee.  there's a summing up.

- trying to be really real with my wonderful Jesus...  letting Him be really real to me.


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